Things We Love: Fun & Easy Guest Books

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 10, 2012

Guest books are not for everyone, and sometimes a lot of the ideas we see can take up time that your guests should be spending with you at your cocktail hour or reception. Here are four ideas that are time sensitive, and quite fun!

1. Mad Libs ~ 

Quick and easy for the guests to fill out, but each one will have it’s own unique touch to it!

2. Photo Booth Pics ~ 

Have your photo booth company can print two copies of each photo booth session, have your guests put them into a photo album and sign their names.

3. Sign a Balloon (“Up!” inspired guest book) ~

You’ve seen the idea of having your guest sign leaves on your marriage tree, but this idea is so cute, especially if you loved the movie, “Up!”. 

4. Inspiration from Love Poems ~ 

This idea is for a couple who loves poems, or phrases from a certain novel. I love this concept. It allows the guest to share words of wisdom without having to think of something unique and witty (not all of us are quick thinkers on this type of thing).

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Smart Guest Book Idea

Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 27, 2011

I came across this super cute idea to help spice up the traditional guest book. As a bonus, it seems super easy to make! Here is the idea…have your guests answer questions about you and your hubby. Leave a pen at their plate or have the books set out for all to sign. This is a great way to capture some funny memories that you can look back on for years to come. Simply buy some notebooks with a blank cover, type your questions out, print on some sturdy paper and place on front. Some fun questions would be “where should we go for our ten year anniversary?” or “what should we name our kids?”. You could ask “what is your favorite memory of us?” or “best marriage advice. Go!”. The possibilities are endless and responses can be super fun to read.

Original Card Boxes?

Posted by bridalbuds on Dec 07, 2010

We’ve all seen them. The traditional wedding card boxes.
{No Thanks}

And we’ve all seen the super trendy birdcages, and hat boxes stacked to look like a cake or presents. But I’m wanting something different… or at least, I’m attempting to find something different!

Message in A Time Capsule

Posted by moon on Feb 26, 2010

Nick and I have long discussed our non-desire for a guest book. We don’t really “get” the traditional attendance sheet thing. Yes, we will likely remember you came because of your card/photos/memory. If not, would we ever really go “hey lets see if Uncle Fred came to our wedding” and check our guest book. Maybe that’s not the purpose, but if its not, I’m not really sure what it is.

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