Creative Place Card Ideas

Posted by Jeffra on May 13, 2010

How are you displaying your place cards? Below are a few ideas to spark your creativity!

1. DIY ~  Materials – Cork Board, Colored Sewing Pins, Circle Fabric Cut Outs that signify the table


2. Combine Favors and Place Cards – Themed Cookies with Printed Place Cards taped to the back


3. Elegant & Chic- Professionally printed cards and clothes pins

placecards-williamson country

4. The alternative – love this simplistic idea of hanging it from the chair.  (Note: This might be more difficult for a larger wedding though, because people will be walking around each table to find their seat.)


5. Themed Trinkets – You can order these fun little things anywhere on favor sites. It’s a great way to add decor to the table without a lot of effort. And if you can find place card holders that fit your theme nicely, it can be fun!


6. Rustically Resourceful – If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to showcase the place cards without having to put a lot money into the process. Hand write the names, buy sturdy thin ribbon, pin, place, and voila!


6. Beach Beautiful – If you’re having a beach wedding, why not use the resources provided for you – sand and starfish.  You can find the starfish in a variety of colors, and then just find silk ribbon and sturdy card-stock to match your color scheme.


Photo Credits:

Trisha Dean Events

Attasalina Photography

Williamson County Weddings & Events

Cookie Creatives by Jennifer

Katlem Design & Invitations


The Meaning Behind Your Flowers

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 21, 2010

The flowers we pick for our Weddings based off of likes and dislikes may have a deeper meaning:

Written by the Editors of Real Simple, “There is a language of flowers — whether you or anyone at your wedding is fluent in this language is another question. Here, some of the meanings ascribed in North America to popular blooms”:


Amaranthus: Constancy and fidelity
Amaryllis: Pride, pastoral beauty
Anemone: Abandonment, forsakenness, sincerity, fragility
Chrysanthemum: Happiness and long life
Chrysanthemum (White): Truth
Chrysanthemum (Yellow): Secret admirer
Chrysanthemum (Red): Love
Daffodil (a.k.a. Narcissus): Respect and good fortune, chivalry, unrequited love
Daisy: Innocence, loyal love, purity
Forget-Me-Not: Faithful love and memory, true love
Iris: Faith and wisdom, inspiration
Ivy: Fidelity, wedded love, affection
Lilac: First love
Lily: Purity and sweetness
Lily of the Valley: Renewed happiness and humility
Orchid: Love and beauty
Peony: Happiness and prosperity
Rose (Red): Love and desire
Rose (White): Purity and innocence
Sweet Pea: Departure
Tulip: True love
Violet: Modesty
Zinnia: Thoughts of friends, thoughts of absent friends
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WeddingWire DIY Wine Glasses

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 22, 2009

A few members of the WeddingWire Team exercised their creativity last week by designing wine glasses!

Some of us truly enjoyed the use of glitter, while others truly showcased their artistic talents.  Either way, we are all very proud of each of our glasses!


WeddingWire Wine Glass Collection



Fun Ideas Friday: Thanksgiving Minis

Posted by MeganH on Nov 21, 2008
Photo Credit: GlamDish

Photo Credit: GlamDish

Do you ever get tired of the same old Thanksgiving dinner? Well, try something new this year – minis! I saw this at GlamDish this morning and I love it! I would never think to have a cocktail style Thanksgiving, but these mini turkey sandwiches on pumpkin scones and sweet potato fries made me think otherwise!

Having a Thanksgiving or Fall themed wedding? These would be great passed hors d’ oeuvres!

Are you planning an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Fun Ideas Friday: Ice Cream

Posted by MeganH on Aug 22, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Why not let your guests scream for ice cream at your wedding reception? Marble Slab Creamery will bring this tasty treat to your party in the form of a sundae bar or even a portable “slab.” Your guests will love being able to create their own desserts and bring out their inner child.