The Anatomy of a Bouquet

Posted by Alexandra on Mar 30, 2015


A bridal bouquet is a work of art, and we believe it deserves to be treated as such! That’s why we’ve asked a few of our favorite floral designers to give us the inside scoop on some of their most breathtaking blooming arrangements. In the latest issue of our e-magazine, we take a close look at the individual ingredients within and inspiration behind four lush, unique bouquets. Don’t miss this pretty spring treat!

Creating That “Wow” Moment

Posted by daisy on Aug 03, 2012

So instead of real flowers, I have chosen to use paper flowers for the big day. My mom volunteered to make all the flowers for the event. She’s pretty much awesome. But until they came up for a visit, I had no idea what a huge undertaking these flowers would be! In previous posts I have tried many a time making my own flowers and failed miserably, so I pretty much chucked in the towel on that front, thus my mom taking on ceremony AND reception flowers for the wedding. How is she doing it? Very carefully.

The flower-making process has got to be the most involved and complicated DIY for our wedding, and also one of the most important. The start-up cost to make these flowers is pretty massive, so that is why my mom wished to contribute. On top of the start-up cost, the labor to just make ONE of these flowers is about an hour AND each flower is only a little bit bigger than a quarter (probably half-dollar size, although some are a little bigger).

When my awesome crafty mom traveled up here I asked her to bring some of her flower making materials because I was super stoked to try one or two and I really wanted to show you guys the intricacy that goes into these flowers. Ok, ok, I just wanted to brag about how INCREDIBLY AWESOME my mom is…

Here is what our work area looked like:

The One Where Orchid Gets Crazy Brain, Part 3

Posted by orchid on Jun 15, 2012

Operation Paper Crane Progress Report: 30% (97 purple, 97 turquoise, 106 white and 0 charcoal, because I don’t have that paper yet=300 cranes!)

The thrilling conclusion of my three-part series on DIY is actually combining two posts into one.  The topic of this DIY involves one of the biggest decisions involved in the wedding: flowers!

This has been a difficult decision for me for a couple of reasons:

1.  I don’t know a WHOLE lot about flowers.
2.  I’m not really all that interested in flowers.  In fact, I very seriously have considered doing non floral bouquets, and have done TONS of research on the issue.  I love the brooch bouquets!  I’ve seen people use pinwheels for bouquets and I think that’s adorable, but it wouldn’t really fit in with what I’m doing in my wedding.  And the other day, Mommy Orchid and I discussed the idea of incorporating our cranes into the bouquets!
3.  My wedding colors are regency, turquoise, and charcoal.  I wanna use primarily purple flowers.  And I don’t like ANY naturally purple flowers.  Nope.  Sorry.  Not a one.

Photo courtesy of Fastrends

A Classy Affair

Posted by cfalk on Oct 13, 2011

With all the DIY craze that has hit the wedding scene the last few years, I find a classy white wedding to be refreshing. Yes, a DIY wedding has lots of character and charm but unless you are Martha Stewart’s twin, you probably don’t have the time nor energy to put into creating and perfecting every last detail for your own wedding. White garden roses, crystal chandeliers lots of clear glass and silver and gold metals are the perfect elements to create a classy affair. Before you write off an elegant wedding as being too expensive, do a quick price comparison with what you would spend for a DIY rustic wedding. You just might be surprised at what you find.

Fall’s Best Kept Secret: Dahlias!

Posted by kharrison on Sep 16, 2011
As the air begins to chill and the smell of crackling leaves fills the air, warm shades of browns, golds, reds, yellows, deep purples and magenta can provide a natural addition to your fall wedding.

Photo Courtesy of Flowers Namess

Beautiful brown and yellow sunflowers come to mind in the late summer and early fall, but dahlias also provide a welcome burst of color for a fall backdrop. If you take a trip to your local farm or florist you can arrange to have this stunning flower in a variety of striking colors. Want a Halloween inspired wedding without feeling trapped in the white, black and orange color scheme? Mix red, purple and orange, and yellow dahlias with a splash of black!