Yesterday, we shared a sneak peek of Kaitlyn and Matt’s engagement session from WeddingWire’s FallBook 2013, and we hope you guessed that it took place at a pumpkin patch! Their outfits consisted of plaid button down shirts, jeans, and boots, and their love for each other was so infections, according to KB Digital Designs. That it’s bound to put a smile on your face.


Yesterday, we shared a sneak peek of Megan and Erik’s engagement session from WeddingWire’s FallBook 2013, but we forgot to mention that it’s on a farm. Days before Thanksgiving, the couple brought their theatre backgrounds center stage for F/stop Poetry. And a few props too — a blanket, their favorite coffee mugs, and of course, apples, since the prime picking time was in mid-September.


It’s not only an engagement session, but also a “love shoot,” according to photographers Shaun and Skyla Walton. “A love shoot is a photographic session organized for the simple purpose of capturing and appreciating the authentic connection shared between a couple.” On a cold, rainy day amongst the forest trees, Audrey and Jeremy parked their signature Volkswagen blue bus, curled up on a blanket, and kept each other warm from their heartfelt embrace.


Gorgeous Fall Garden Engagement Session in New Jersey

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 03, 2013

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, we can officially start sharing fall favorites! First up, Yaxin and David’s garden engagement session filled with props, including a vintage bicycle, bunting banner, balloons, and you guessed it — lots of leaves.