Things We Love: Hanging Poms

Posted by Jeffra on Aug 26, 2011

So you’re thinking about poms on your wedding day? Here are a few alternative trends we’re loving (with links to how-to’s)!


Yarn Poms. This is a somewhat labor intensive task, but the outcome is really beautiful. You can do them in all different colors. We’ve seen them in different hues of gray, yellow, blue, etc. If you want instructions on how to make them, go over to, they do a how-to with Jessica of Wednesday Inc.


Flower poms are something your florist can pull together for you pretty easily as they have all of the tools needed. This is a babies breath hanging pom, which is so elegant and simple. I love this idea! {Photo Credit: Jonathon Ong}


These fabric poms are an alternative to the tissue poms, and provide a must more professional look for a wedding.  Head over to and for a how-to from Ashley of Dolci Odille