Top 5 Fall Favors

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 06, 2013

By: Leeor Pilo 

Ah autumn–the crisp air, rich colors and delicious flavors are just a few reasons why we love this season– and if you’re planning a fall wedding, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s the best! But how do you create festive favors without turning your wedding into a Halloween party? Like this:

1. Spreads – Seasonal spreads are delicious, so thank your guests with apple or maple butter for a “sweet” take-home gift. The jar casing is also convenient to carry and looks great stacked up on display. Just tie bows of twine around them and voila– fall, rustic chic!

andi and zoe photographers

Photo: Andi and Zoe Photographers

Top 6 Couple Photos To Take On Your Wedding Day

Posted by Caitlin on Aug 21, 2013

Photographers will most likely concentrate on documenting the traditional milestones of your wedding day (i.e. getting-ready, walking down the aisle, first dance, and cake cutting), but be sure to add some fun with these creative shots you won’t want to miss:

1. First Look


Photo: Marlon Taylor Photography

Inspiration for Winter Favors

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 03, 2012

Photos (clockwise from top left): Britt Rene Photo, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Eric Asistin Photography and Alea Lovely 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You can’t help but choose favors that correspond with colder weather and the holiday season. Give your guests a shawl to keep warm, a sweet treat like hot cocoa, matches to light their fireplace or even a miniature Christmas tree to plant in their backyard. For more inspiration, check out our winter wedding favors photo gallery.

Personalized, Outdoor Wedding Overlooking Lake Tahoe

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 12, 2012

Mandy & Adrian 

September 22

Tahoe City, California 


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

The fenced-in outdoor lawn and stately pine trees. It was also two blocks from Skylandia Park, which is a  Tahoe City Public Park with Lake Tahoe as a backdrop.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

Our DIY bunting flags, our DIY programs and menu cards, courtesy of my sister & maid of honor, and our cupcakes and macarons instead of a traditional wedding cake.

3. Give us the one moment from your wedding day that you cannot stop thinking about.

Exchanging our vows with each other! We had each selected our own vows and waited to share them until our wedding ceremony. We were both very overwhelmed with emotion and tears of happiness came pouring out!