Poll: How Big is Your Ring?

Posted by Kim on Mar 14, 2013

Ring by Vera Wang LOVE

We all know that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to your engagement ring – it’s the thought and meaning behind it that really counts. But we’re just curious and want to know:

How many carats is your engagement ring?

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A new ring to the New Year! A ten-table diamond ring seen ten tables away, or a family heirloom passed down from the groom's family. Here, Tiffany's Soleste diamond engagement ring. Photo: Tiffany.com


Bling! A ring on your little ole finger.

Platinum, gold. solitaire, pave, three stone. Cushion, round, princess, square. The perfect engagement ring. A symbol of love and commitment. An engagement ring is also a shorthand reminder of the many social engagements to come during 2013. Are your really ready? Who announces the engagement; how is it worded? What is the best way for the bride and her family to herald the good news?

There are essentially three ways to announce an engagement: at a formal party, at a more casual event and/or with a printed engagement announcement card. And, of course, your engagement news first arrives via texts, emails and a flurry of telephone calls.

Becoming Affianced.

Posted by pear on Feb 22, 2012

It began with a trip to Grand Junction, Colorado, at the end of July to see a friend of mine get hitched. John and I decided it would be a great chance to get away and take a mini vacation. My friend’s wedding was in Palisade, which just so happens to be a gorgeous area with vineyards and orchards galore. The next day, we ventured back into Palisade to peruse the local farmer’s market and orchards. We stumbled upon Davis Family Farms and the owner, Becky, couldn’t have been sweeter to us. She told us to grab a peach and take a stroll through the orchards, to which we gladly obliged! Neither John nor I had ever been in an orchard, so we jumped on the opportunity.

We were walking through, enjoying our peaches (which were amazing, I might add) and taking in the awesome views. I kept talking about how happy I was there because it couldn’t be more fantastic. As I was taking pictures, I noticed that John was hanging out around the very end of the orchard. I thought it mildly strange, but then went about enjoying myself. We came back together and he kept saying how much he loved me – something I couldn’t get enough of because it was adorable.

Eventually, John held my hands and said, “Shauna, I do love you. I want to marry you.” I, in all of my wise splendor, said, “Ah, thank you!” He asked, “Well, do you want to marry me?” I said, “Well, sure!”

Mr. Orange Put a Ring on It!

Posted by orange on Apr 28, 2011

So, yes, we’ve been together 5 years and the ring, to us, is a formality.

But sweet baby jesus… I got my bling, and I can’t stop looking at it, swooning over it and obsessing about it.  I feel so materialistic, it’s not even the slightest bit funny.

Anyway, he made me go on an Easter egg hunt through our new house and the last (and biggest) egg had my ring in it! 🙂 Awwww shucks. If you want to read the whole entire story,  you can go here.  But, in the meantime, here’s a ring pic (sorry that I’m being one of those girls):

Yes, I Take My Engagement Ring Off!

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 08, 2011

Let me know how you feel about this one.

I waited a long time for my ring. A conservative estimate would put it at about six years. And I love it. When it came down to it, Apple Sauce got it right, selecting for me an Asscher-cut diamond, set between two baguettes in a white gold band. Unique but classic.

The Royal Asscher

Hello, beautiful.

Why such an unusual cut of diamond, you ask? Well, duh, for that very reason!