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Bid to be a bridesmaid?

Posted by MeganH on Jun 26, 2008

A Virginia Beach, VA couple is trying to plan the wedding of their dreams, but needs a little help in the financial department to do so. They, most likely, received advice telling them to scale down their selections, re-work their budget, or even ask family members for help. Apparently that wasn’t good enough. Instead, the couple chose to be very creative in their quest for some extra dough. Where did they go? Ebay, of course!

The bride, 23-year-old Kelly Gray, allowed perfect strangers the chance to bid to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! The bidding ended yesterday, June 25th. A total of 59 bids were entered with the winning bidder offering to pay $5700 to be a bridesmaid in a stranger’s wedding!

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Would you ever consider doing this??


7th on Sale – Shop online or in New York City

Posted by Brian on Nov 15, 2007
7th on Sale is back selling thousands of items direct from the world’s top designers between November 15 and December 6. You can shop online or in person at the New York shopping days. Teaming up with ebay, you can bid online for celebrity-worn gowns, magazine-worthy home goods, brilliant jewelry and more. 100% of the money raised goes to services and housing for those living with HIV and AIDS wedding dresses, 7th on sale
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