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Today’s query from Arianna Huffington’s always entertaining and informative internet newspaper at, poses the $2,445. question! Are Christian Louboutin’s Maralena stilettos, voted the sexiest shoe of the year, by the Footwear News 8,000 readers, your top pick?

So goes Paris, Texas, or Paris, France, so goes the nation, and the world. WeddingWire Brides, cast your vote on my blog.

P.S. Postage Stamp, My Way

Posted by mmaxfield on Jul 12, 2010

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra

The first rule of wedding invitation etiquette is to mail your invitations! No, email, text, Twitter, or post it on Facebook. Mail!

With this caveat in mind, the next pressing item is the postage stamp. Today, this calls for creativity, not just any old stamp will do. There is a plethora of postage possibilities. It all depends on your aesthetic approach: Traditional, contemporary, or unceasingly romantic with a vintage touch. The other obvious question remains whether you want to buy it, ready-made and ready-to-go from the USPS, or have the luxury and distinction of having a stamp custom-design just for you!

The Checklist

Posted by bridalbuds on Jul 19, 2009

Lots of things are getting crossed off my list this week. The invites have been proofed and are being printed as we speak! Many details on that front in a few weeks when the real assembly happens. Dahlia step-mom bought a S-MOB dress on a trip to Bloomingdales. I’m going to take a look at it this weekend. Dahlia mom and Dahlia FMIL have not bought dresses, so it’s exciting to get the show on the road. All but one bridesmaid dresses have arrived. The feedback is good – the red is really pretty, but most of them need some minor alterations (or major in Dahlia MOH’s case).

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

The eBay Bride

Posted by bridalbuds on Dec 11, 2008

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shopping on eBay!!!!!!!

The great thing about shopping on eBay is that you can find items that you might not be able to readily find in your area or get a great deal. I have been using eBay for a variety of wedding gear, including not one, but two wedding dresses and the gorgeous shoes to match!



Before bidding on the first dress, I had a seamstress in my area take my measurements and used these to bid on the right size. It fit like a charm when I got it!

Bid to be a bridesmaid?

Posted by MeganH on Jun 26, 2008

A Virginia Beach, VA couple is trying to plan the wedding of their dreams, but needs a little help in the financial department to do so. They, most likely, received advice telling them to scale down their selections, re-work their budget, or even ask family members for help. Apparently that wasn’t good enough. Instead, the couple chose to be very creative in their quest for some extra dough. Where did they go? Ebay, of course!

The bride, 23-year-old Kelly Gray, allowed perfect strangers the chance to bid to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! The bidding ended yesterday, June 25th. A total of 59 bids were entered with the winning bidder offering to pay $5700 to be a bridesmaid in a stranger’s wedding!

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