Posted by bridalbuds on Nov 11, 2011

Throughout the years as I’ve thrown various parties and get-togethers, I’ve learned the secret to great success is all in the details. And this includes your wedding! I get so excited thinking about all of the little things that make up our big day. Flowers, centerpieces, decorations, attire and accessories, etc. The problem is with this excitement I just want to share them with everybody! Whenever I come up with a good idea, or find something on one of my favorite blogs that would fit just perfectly, I just can’t wait to share that information.

Thankfully, I have stopped myself from sharing just about any wedding information with my social networks. Some brides opt to have a “wedding guest” friends list so they can easily customize who sees the status they’re posting (ie: hidden from people not invited). However, until we have a final guest list (I don’t even want to think about it right now haha), I’m not going into that territory.

Fitness as my Witness

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 26, 2011

Today, I bought a scale. Yupp. I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet, but just the knowledge that it is sitting there waiting for me is a little more than daunting. That’s right. I’m officially on the “getting more fit for my wedding” bandwagon. That dress won’t look fabulous by itself (okay.. yes it would, but I’d still like to do my part ;)).

Kicking my butt into gear!

Let me explain. I’m currently a size up from my usual due to a very severe ankle sprain that occurred a few months ago in while in Ireland (two words: Irish cider). This kept me on the couch for a week and off the running track for almost three months. I’d definitely like to be back to my usual size if not a size smaller by the big day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those brides that purposefully ordered her dress several sizes too small as an “incentive” to lose weight. My dress fit just fine when I tried it on in the bridal shop. And due to my shape and the cut of the dress (pear-shape for me, a-line with a fitted bodice and voluminous bottom for the dress), I can easily go up or down a few sizes and it will still fit me perfectly; a small blessing of being a pear girl is that my top half has stayed the same size no matter what and is therefore one less thing I have to worry about looks-wise. While a belly bulge is something that won’t be apparent in my gown, my arms will be out in their full glory. And you had better bet that I’ll be sporting some toned and sexy limbs that day! Time to get to lifting weights, I suppose!

I said Yes to the Dress!

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 18, 2011

That’s right, girls! I have a wedding dress! I just cannot believe it. 🙂

I wasn’t originally planning on going wedding dress shopping so soon. In fact, I wanted to put it off as long as possible. You see, the very idea of trying to organize this big outing with all of my bridesmaids and mother in tow so I could parade about in different dresses stressed me out to the max! And after watching so many wedding shows, I thought that was how it was just supposed to be. I am beyond delighted to report that my experience was not the least bit stressful!

Grandmother Dandelion was in town and because I don’t get to see her often, I really wanted to do something wedding related while she was staying with us. The original plan was to take her to tour the venue with us. However, the venue wasn’t open for touring because of an event so that was out. At home just a few days ago, I was watching “Four Weddings” with my mom and grandmother. Dandelion Mom brought up the idea of going wedding dress shopping the next morning. At first I was totally against it because it gave me such anxiety. But, I really did want to do something for my grandmother and I knew she would love to see me trying on the different gowns. So I agreed. And after sending my M.O.H. a quick text asking if it was okay if I somehow by the grace of God found The Dress without her, we went to a bridal shop called Azalea Bridal & Formal located in Snellville, GA. I just canNOT recommend this shop enough! I had gone wedding dress browsing before and it was not fun; the store was super uptight (to the point that I was not allowed to touch the gowns and the employees had to dress me with my arms stuck out to the sides) and I left feeling incredibly discouraged at the prospect of ever finding a gown that both spoke to my style of traditional & unique AND within my tight-tight budget.

My wedding dress good luck charm!

Helpful Fiance!

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 14, 2011

We’ve barely scratched the surface of wedding planning and Mr. Lion has already been a saint! I tried to get in contact with a possible venue to no avail. Knowing I was dealing with midterms and my photography business, my dear fiance jumped right on the ball and solved the issue. I didn’t even ask him! I merely mentioned in passing that I hadn’t received a call back from the message I had left. What do you know, less than 24 hours later I have an email in my inbox from Mr. Lion. A forwarded copy of his correspondence with the event coordinator of the venue, planning a guided tour for us. Oh, how I love him!

Hopefully our ceremony location! Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center!

Dandelion here!

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 03, 2011

Hello there garden! I’m one of the newest bloggers here on BridalBuds and I’m so excited to document my experience and trade ideas with you guys. Let’s start off with just a little bit about me and my fiance:

Mr. Lion and I!

(not the best photo, but the only one I could find on this computer!)

Well Mr. Lion and I will have been together for five years next month!  I was 16 and he was 19 when we met, and we are now 21 and 25 respectively. For the bulk of our relationship it’s been semi-long distance, since we attended different high schools and colleges. Mr. Lion graduated with an accounting degree and now works in the accounts payable department of a third-party logistics company (yeah, I don’t really know what that means either…). I’m currently in my senior year of college, studying art and set to graduate in December 2012. I’m a photographer, running my own portraiture and wedding photography business (www.rachelkathrynphotography.com). Mr. Lion is a self-taught guitar player and pretty incredible, if I do say so myself!