2 Touches That Can Make or Break Your Wedding Theme

Posted by csancho on Nov 25, 2013

Wedding Colors

A lot of brides will design their weddings around the colors that they want to use. So, they will pick flowers, centerpieces, and styles that compliment the color scheme rather than a particular theme. In this case, paying attention to the colors would be a matter of choosing the colors and sticking with them since the colors are the thing. However, if you are having a particular theme – like  beach, fairy tale, military, vintage, country, or seasonally based – then your wedding color choices are much more limited. A country-themed wedding does not go well with coral and turquoise, and a beach themed wedding would be hard to pull off with a plum and gold. So if you want to do a specific theme, your wedding colors are going to be affected by that theme. Yes, there is that rule of thought that it is your wedding, so you can do what you want, BUT for a complete wedding look, you MUST pay attention to the coordination of your wedding theme and your color scheme. To figure out what colors go well with your theme, it may be a good idea to create a color board, or find an image that embodies that theme or tone, and then pull your main colors from that.  When focusing on a theme, you may end up with more colors scattered throughout your wedding decor, but it is still a good idea to have 1-3 main colors that will act as an anchor for the overall look of the wedding. Too many colors can cause your decor to be disconnected and distracting.

Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake topper is a decor detail that can sometimes be overlooked, but it is an important detail to pay attention to. Some of the choices are the traditional bride and groom figurine cake topper, humorous, monogram, heart, floral, and vintage. It is an important detail to pay attention to because the wedding cake is one of the main symbols of weddings, and is often a center for the wedding reception and wedding traditions. Basically, the wedding cake might as well have a spotlight on it during your reception. There are so many different styles, so you want to make sure to choose the most appropriate to your theme. For example, a super sexy wedding cake topper would be a strange addition to a fairy tale or religiously centered wedding, just like -perhaps more obviously – a fairy and prince cake topper would be odd at a country or beach themed wedding.


Are We the Black Sheep of Weddings?

Posted by Geranium Bud on Apr 20, 2009

I’ve just spent the better part of my morning blog time reading all ’bout a.mountain.bride… First off, it was this, spectacular image, that got my heart a pitter-patter-racin

From amountainbride.blogspot.com

From amountainbride.blogspot.com

… amazing right?? Can you say sunset ceremony in the mountains?? Anyways, it was a.mountain.girl’s first post that got me all a wonderin this beautiful spring morning…

Wild Flowers

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 23, 2009

Growing up, I remember staring at vintage coffee tins, old flour boxes, brown sugar boxes, and mason jars in our kitchen. My dad apparently found them at my grandfathers house and he cleaned them up and added them as decorations to our kitchen. I love all that vintage stuff. My kitchen also has the same ideas going on, with tea tins, pyrex and old tupperware.

From lisalightltd.com

From lisalightltd.com

So while researching a “texas wedding”, “rustic wedding”, “country wedding”, I ran into some flower arrangements that are exactly what I was looking for. Making my own arrangements couldn’t be any more simple.