Our DIY wedding included DIY flowers, as well.  In a previous post I mentioned a crafty project making the men’s boutonnieres.  I also mentioned my plans to use cotton bolls and dried lavender, both purchased online and shipped ahead to our wedding location, for our bouquets and corsages.

So, how did it all turn out?

Well…  thank goodness for small town florists!

Grow Old Along With Me: Writing Our Own Vows

Posted by bridalbuds on Nov 17, 2010

CC always tucks me in when I go to bed.  He and I keep different schedules, so it’s a wonderful way for us to spend a bit of quality time together, at the closing of my day.  Often times we share something we are grateful for that day, but always CC reminds me how much he loves me and shares his sweet adoration for me.  It’s much like having him say loving vows to me, daily.

That’s Mr. Shudders and me snoozing!
Photo by my husband, CC

Which brings us to our wedding vows.  We decided when we began planning, that we would write our own vows.  We’re more than happy for the world (or at least our closest friends and family in attendance of our ceremony) to know how much we adore one another.  CC is definitely the more verbal of the two, when it comes to gushing sweet nothings – but I’ve always enjoyed writing and knew I’d be able to come up with something that perfectly expressed my love for him.

Grow Old Along With Me: Getting Ready

Posted by bridalbuds on Sep 07, 2010

I’m a casual girl.  I very rarely wear make-up, and if I do, it’s just a touch of mascara.  My hair is just as minimalist.  If it’s not pulled back into a simple braid, it’s down – running wild and free.  So when it came to gussying-up for my wedding, I really couldn’t imagine a whole lot of gussy.  I certainly would not be the kind of bride who had professionals come and make me pretty for my big day.  Or would I?

Make-up was easy.  All I had to recall was a trip to a mall make-up counter in Long Beach with my nieces, Kelli and Jess, several years ago.  I had flown them to California (from Boston) for a day of back-to-school shopping.  Extravagant?  Perhaps it looks that way, but I was also employed at an airline, so it didn’t cost me a dime to get us there and back.  At the end of the shopping spree we hit up a make-up counter in Macy’s for a makeover.  We ended up boarding our plane that night looking like a few girls that were working the strip.  Needless-to-say, I had no desire to allow someone to clown me up for my wedding, let alone pay someone to do such a thing.  I decided that I would only wear taupe eyeliner and brown/black waterproof mascara.  Many folks thought I should wear some foundation or concealer at the very least, as it would even out my complexion for the photographs, but I opted not to and don’t think it really made any difference in my photos.


Grow Old Along With Me: We Tied The Knot!

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 30, 2010

Yes, we did it – CC and I are married!

What a long walk down DIY lane it has been… but it was absolutely perfect!

Just Married!

We had the most perfect weather imaginable.  Really.  There were a few poetic clouds whisping through the blue sky.  The humidity was non-existent (mind you it’s been super humid in the North East this summer).  The temperature the days before (and the days after) were in the sweltering 90s, but not on our wedding day – a lovely 80 degrees, thank you.

DIY Brides: Trashy or Treasured?

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 19, 2010

Image by Cotton Bud

A link to a very interesting article was posted recently on a thread over at the forums on Wedding Wire, that discusses the many tiers of a bride – based on her budget.  Naturally, I landed on the bottom rung, which didn’t surprise me.  What did was the seeming lack of respect the author had for brides on such a small budget.

Here’s a direct quote:

“DIY Bride: (Budget: under $5000) Someone who probably doesn’t have the resources to get married just yet and is likely to turn most of her wedding into an Arts and Crafts project.”