Modern Navy and Yellow Spring Wedding in Georgia

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 20, 2013

Maying & Bobby

March 9

Acworth, Georgia


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

The wooden interior and rustic decoration are so unique. Their food and drink package is great and affordable. We do want our guests to have a good time so that’s when we knew we want to have our wedding there.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. I loved the groom’s cake. My husband is a Georgia Tech fan, and I am University of Georgia fan. The cake is the Buzz on a spider web, which looks like a Georgia Tech cake but with a little twist.

2. I loved our DJ playing “Gangnam Style” and when everyone started dancing. It was so much fun!

3. My mom and groom’s mom were dancing together. My parents are from China and don’t know English at all. It was so sweet to see two moms communicating and dancing without language.

3. Give us the one moment in your wedding day that you can’t stop thinking about.

Walking down the aisle and looking at the groom is definitely the moment I can’t stop thinking about. I felt so much in those few minutes.