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Today’s query from Arianna Huffington’s always entertaining and informative internet newspaper at, poses the $2,445. question! Are Christian Louboutin’s Maralena stilettos, voted the sexiest shoe of the year, by the Footwear News 8,000 readers, your top pick?

So goes Paris, Texas, or Paris, France, so goes the nation, and the world. WeddingWire Brides, cast your vote on my blog.

Shoes – Splurge or Save? SAVE!

Posted by moon on Jul 07, 2010

Remember those shoes I showed you in my last post, well, Moon Dude and I were in NYC for a day and just so happened *wink* to walk past the Christian Louboutin boutique on Madison. So he and I stopped in, much to my excitement. And while they didn’t have those fabulous favorites I shared with you in my previous post in the proper purple color, I tried them on in another color as well as another beautiful pair that DID. While neither of them would realistically become a wedding day shoe option (despite Dogwood Bud’s tempting alternatives offered in the comments section), they were fun to try on! I’m not a typical boutique shopper, so it was fun to “pretend” for the day.  Check out the kicks pics below!

Cell-Pic: Check out them heals!

Thinking Outside the Shoe Box

Posted by Dogwood on Mar 05, 2010

In an effort to spice things up, I have decided to forgo the traditional white shoes and opt for something with a little pizazz. Although we will be married on the beach, its quite a different type of beach down in the Keys.  Due to the coral reefs that surround the islands, no beaches are actually natural made, but man made with tightly packed sand.  This gives me the opportunity to wear some fabulous heels, and give my rump a little lift!

Shoe Box

I have decided to stick with the colors of our wedding, Tiffany Blue/Turquoise and Coral in my quest for shoes.  This has been quite difficult as it is winter and most companies haven’t yet begun to display their spring lines which are always full of color.  I have had a little bit of luck, and thought I would turn it over to the BridalBud readers to help me with my decision.

Wedding shoes have gone from white to playful, and there is no better and more recognizable shoe than the red soled Christian Louboutins. At $500-$1000 a pair, they probably aren’t in most bride budgets. . .however TODAY Gilt Groupe is having a sale on Christian Louboutin’s! For those of you not familiar with Gilt, it is an online sample sale website which sells designer clothing at STEEP discounts! I expect to see Louboutin’s running through at $250 and below! The sale starts at noon today and runs for 48 hours. . .although I expect them to sell out within 24 hours. . .so shop fast!

The website is invite only, but click here to sign-up today!

Photo Credits: Saks, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter

Imagine walking down the aisle in a gorgeous pair of shoes, and all of the amazing shoe photographs you will have! Yes, $250 may still be steep for some of you, but there is no better time to splurge than for your wedding day!

Some Buying Tips: