Give the Gift of Green

Posted by kharrison on Oct 06, 2011

Green wedding registries are a great way to skip on the gifts you don’t really need and avoid waste. You can go the traditional route and ask for gifts, specifying that you only want a green registry filled with home goods and other gift items made from sustainable materials and manufactured in an environmentally responsible way. You can also ask for “naked” gifts to cut down on wrapping paper, or have guests wraps gifts in decorative reusable bags.

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Ask Guests to Donate to Your Favorite Cause

Ask for donations in lieu of gifts at your wedding! You can donate to a local cause or reach out to a global organization. Choosing this alternative means that you will have zero waste from wedding gifts and all the money will be well spent.

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Favors for a Cause

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 21, 2011

Early in my planning process, I decided that we weren’t going to have favors. As much as I love how personalized favors can be, I wanted ours to be “more” than just little gifts for our guests to bring home. I wanted it to mean something.

My Nonna has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. It’s in its final stages: she now doesn’t recognize anyone, isn’t able to follow or contribute to a conversation, needs help to bathe, go to the washroom, and eat. She needs round the clock care, and has been placed in a nursing home for the past three years because of this. It breaks my heart, but we can’t have my Nonna attend the wedding. She is afraid to leave the nursing home, and this wedding – all the people, the different place, the duration of it – would be too much for her.

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The White Hot Hope Initiative

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 08, 2010

Howdy garden!  I’m here to spread the word about the White Hot Hope initiative — a month-long, nationwide program to help women and children in need find their “happily ever after”.  White Hot Hope is sponsored by Brides magazine and supports two really great charity organizations: Operation Smile and Dress for Success.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Your Gown

Posted by mallen on Oct 07, 2009

SafeRedirectOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Have you purchased your wedding gown yet?? You might want to consider Brides Against Breast Cancer and their traveling Gown Sale!  As part of the Making Memories Foundation, each gown that this organization receives is carefully prepared for a “Brides Against Breast CancerTM, Nationwide Tour of Gowns” sales. Their gown sales are an important part of their fund raising campaign. The generous donations received from designers, manufactures, bridal shops, and individuals worldwide, enables Making Memories to grant final wishes to those suffering from terminal breast cancer.

Where should I register?

Posted by WeddingAces on Aug 04, 2009

If you are looking to do something different for a gift registry we have some ideas for you! Now-a-days brides have a lot of the items that would typically go on a wedding registry. So what do you do? We have come across some different ideas for a unique registry.

If you are planning on going on a honeymoon but don’t have enough funds our first idea is for you. You can do a honeymoon gift registry. There are free sites such as that allow you to pick different items such as meals, hotels, airfare, and fun activities that you will want to do. You can divide them into smaller chunks of money that your guess can afford and purchase for you. Guess can either pay by credit card, a paypal account, or they can choose to mail you a check. Best of all, this all just goes into one fund. So YOU can decide what you want the money to go to.  Just because someone gave you money for the expensive hotel in Paris, doesn’t mean you have to pick that if you don’t have all the funds for it.