24 Fan Ceremony Programs That Will Keep Guests Cool

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 04, 2014


Photos (from left to right): Taken by Tate

Although ceremony programs aren’t entirely essential, your guests might be extremely grateful for them! They answer important questions about your big day such as: who’s in the wedding party?, who’s the officiant?, what are the readings?, which songs did they choose for the processional and recessional?, and how long does it last? Don’t just hand them a pamphlet, give them something that serves double-duty like a fan — perfect for the upcoming hot, humid, and buggy months. View more photos here.

Summer Ceremony Decor: Get With The Programs!

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 25, 2013

by Leeor Pilo

Although ceremony programs are not entirely essential, your guests may be grateful for them as they answer important questions about your big day! No more worrying about who’s who in your wedding party and what’s on the schedule, your guests can relax and enjoy the full impact of your ceremony. Plus with an array of unique ideas, you can be as straightforward or creative as you like. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Board – Rather than going the paper route, many couples are opting for the non-traditional board to communicate to guests all the important ceremony information they need. This is a great option to save paper, prevent any rattling pages as the ceremony takes place and saves time on clean up!



Photo: Continuum Weddings

Book or Pamphlet –This is the most traditional and common program style. Yet with so many designs out there, it’s easy to make it truly unique to you and your wedding style. Book and pamphlet programs also make great keepsakes for your guests to remember your big day.

booklet-pamphlet program

Photos (from left to right): Lisa Lefkowitz and RJSTILLS

Fan – Perfect for a hot summers day—this program design will keep your guests cool and comfortable while sharing the details of your ceremony.

ceremony programs fans.fw

Photos (from left to right): OneLove Photography and King Street Studios

Fun & Games – Why not think outside the box and provide something fun & entertaining for your guests. This is a great way for guests to learn about the couple and keeps spirits up and cheery throughout the ceremony!

fun ceremony program.fw

Photo: Tiffiney Photography

Favorite Real Wedding Details of 2012, Part 2

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 28, 2012

Yesterday, we shared some of our favorite real wedding details of 2012, and we’re back today to bring you even more incredible style from this year.

Unique Bridesmaid Style

From the differing shades of gray and purple dresses to the statement pieces of jewelry, we love this entire bridal party’s style. Solid bridesmaid dresses are the norm, but having your maid of honor stand out in a patterned dress adds to the visual appeal. There’s no doubt these ladies will wear their dresses again and again. See more of Jesse and Ben’s elegant, loft wedding here.

Photo: Jordan Quinn Photography

Chalkboards can add a quirky touch to your wedding day and as an added bonus, they save on paper waste by replacing paper menus, place cards, seating charts, drink lists and parking directions! To beautify a simple piece of slate, you can find a rustic wooden frame or create a border with ribbons, paint and other craft supplies. If you are having a summer beach wedding, you can collect sea glass and create a beautiful mosaic border around the slate to match your beachy theme and color scheme!

Chalkboard Wedding Programs

chalkboard wedding programChalkboard Wedding Program, Weddzilla.com

Printed paper wedding programs may be saved by your mother and grandmother as a memento, but the majority of your guests will end up throwing the program away or leaving the paper behind at the wedding reception. Reserve a few fancy paper printouts on recycled paper for mom and dad. Ask if the programs can be printed using soy and vegetable inks. Use a chalkboard for your wedding program for the rest of your guests to look at and enjoy. This will help make your wedding greener while saving you money.

Beat the Heat for your Summer Wedding!

Posted by csancho on Jun 21, 2012

It’s no wonder that summer is such a popular time of year for weddings – your chances of getting rained out drops considerably, vacation time is being cashed in, and you’re almost guaranteed a sunny day of joy and gaiety. The only problem is the potential for some serious heat. You don’t want your guests burnt and dehydrated during your big day, so plan ahead! Here are some tips for beating the heat during your summer wedding:

Don’t skip the tent

When you’re evaluating your budget for your outdoor event, it might be easy to check “No” when you’re asked about optional emergency tenting, but you should think twice. If the weather gets severe enough, and you haven’t provided any shade, dehydrated guests will start dropping like flies. If you can’t pull off the tent, make sure there are umbrellas or other sources of convenient ample shade for your guests. At a more formal affair (think tea in the garden), you might even consider distributing parasols to your guests. Don’t leave it until the last minute, or you might have some fainting problems!