A Grand Debate: Cake Topper Versus No Cake Topper

Posted by csancho on Aug 29, 2014

The choice to not have a cake topper hurts the heart of Wedding Collectibles as that is our expertise and passion, BUT we understand that there are different aesthetic tastes for types of cake topper, there will be those that prefer to not have one at all. Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of having a wedding cake topper.

wedding cake toppers

Photos: Left - 100 Layer Cake: Our favorite wedding cakes of 2013, Right - Wedding Collectibles: Beach Cake Toppers

Cons to Having a Cake Topper

  • Can limit the style of your cake
  • Cost of cake topper
  • Stress of finding a cake topper you like.

Pros to Having a Cake Topper

  • Adds style quickly to your cake.
  • Can be personal to you.
  • Long lasting (i.e. will not “die”)
  • Becomes a keepsake from your wedding day.
  • Is a traditional symbol of unity
  • Cuter than flowers
  • Can be a spark of personality in a sea of white and tradition.

Other things to consider:

If you are using fresh flowers instead of a traditional cake topper you may find yourself spending just as much money or more on something that will wilt and die later on. With that, you also have to be very careful about when the flowers are purchases and when they are attached to your cake. Flowers can be beautiful and may even be a better option for some wedding styles and themes, but they are not necessarily a better option.

Also, your cake topper is a great way to incorporate the something old, new, borrowed and blue tradition as you can easily use a family members cake topper or find one that features the blue color.

Cake toppers may not be for everyone, but they are at least worth looking at!

What You Should Know About Wedding Cake Toppers

Posted by csancho on Mar 26, 2014

Animal Wedding Cake Topper

Dealing with wedding cake toppers on a daily basis as a business means we get a lot of questions about all the nooks and crannies that have to do with what cake toppers are made of and how to tell if what you are getting is well, good. We have answered these questions on an individual basis — be it over the phone or through email — and have begun trying to reach a wider group of our shoppers with answers on our blog, but I feel like this is information that not only our brides would ask, but any bride with her heart set on a cake topper would want to and should know.

60 Totally Stylish Toppers For Your Wedding Cake

Posted by Caitlin on Mar 07, 2014


 Photos (from left to right): Cory Ryan Photography

A wedding cake isn’t complete without a topper! Whether it’s a tiny version of you and your significant other in the shape of a silhouette or form of a family heirloom, a crafty bunting banner, animals (like pigs, hedgehogs, giraffes, or birds — yes, we’ve seen them all), or as simple as fresh flowers, you’ll want to browse our photo gallery for even more inspiration.

Wooden Wedding Cake Toppers

Posted by apple on Jan 08, 2014

Hello Garden!  It’s been so quiet around here lately, where is everyone?

I came across these adorable wooden cake toppers while browsing on Etsy and had to have some!  I placed an order for our one year wedding anniversary, which we celebrated on November 2, 2013. Charlene from Creative ButterflyXOX creates the cutest wooden cake toppers, and they are completely personalized! Not only did I have Ryan and myself made, but our little Maltese pup Sophie too!




I sent our wedding pictures and close up shots of Sophie and Charlene was able to make us into little wooden people.  They look just like us!

Make sure you check out Charlene’s shop here.  These are great for the day of the wedding or even to celebrate anniversaries!

Three Fun Twists to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Posted by csancho on Nov 18, 2013

The tradition of a wedding cake acts as a centerpiece to most weddings, but this does not necessarily mean that your wedding cake needs be traditional.  If you have been dreaming of that four tier white frosted cake with roses or a traditional cake topper, go for it! If not, then why not have some fun? A lot of brides are taking creative liberties in their wedding cake designs, formats, and are even throwing out the cake for something more their taste!

Non-traditional Designs: New inventions in how to design a wedding cake include specific themes and abstract designs. This is probably the most personalizeable route to take in designing your wedding cake. The above image features a couple’s nightmare before Christmas wedding cake. This cake holds the traditional features of multiple tiers, rounded layers, and flower accents, but stands out as a one-of-a kind design. This cake is obviously not for every bride, but represents how every bride can create a unique wedding cake for them. Why not push the boundaries on the classic wedding cake look?!

Cupcakes: One of our favorite wedding cake twist trends is wedding cupcakes! This is one of those occasions that anything mini is automatically adorable. With this, we have seen cupcakes made to look like mini wedding cakes, as well as a small cake at the top of a display with the lower tiers as cupcakes. Both options are definitely workable, but the second may be easier. What is nice about having the top tier be a small cake is that you are still given the option to keep the traditions of cutting the cake and keeping the top tier to share on your one year anniversary. 

Pies , Cheesecakes, Ice Cream Sundaes: Never been a fan of cake? Then don’t have cake at your wedding! There are so many different types of dessert options that there really is no need to restrict yourself to a wedding cake. Why not wedding pie? We have even seen a couple have a wedding pie and mini pies just like the small cake and cupcake tier design. Take a peek at Tara Guerard’s Bon Bon Blog for some great tips on making and serving individual pies. With this option you can still have a cute wedding cake topper or have flower accents, so you are in no way sacrificing decor for your favorite desserts!