7 Ways to Ask Your Girls to Be Your Bridesmaids

Posted by csancho on Nov 13, 2013

The Bridesmaids

Asking your best girlfriends to be in your wedding may seem like an easy task, but you may want to consider putting a little extra umph when asking them, especially your maid of honor. Your wedding may be all about you and your groom, but your best friends are going to want to celebrate with you, plus they are meant to be your helpers through all the wedding drama and planning. It is not only a sweet honor to be asked, but it is a lot of work that they would be signing up for, so when you decide to pop that special question, do it right!

Seven Ideas on How to Ask Your Best Girls to Be Your Bridesmaids

  1. Spa Day: Take your girls out for some pampering to tell them how special they are and perhaps give out special bridesmaid robs, slippers, or a handy-dandy bridesmaid survival kit
  2. A Cute Gift Box: Whether it is at your engagement party or if you plan a girls date with your bridesmaid hopefuls, giving your future bridesmaids a cute and personalized gift box can help you “pop the question”. Creme de la craft offers a great DIY gift box with easy how-to instructions. This is a perfect solution to the how-to-ask question because it can be perfectly personalized to you, your wedding, and your bridesmaids. You can choose designs based on your wedding theme, or do a different design based on the personality of the bridesmaid or your relationship with her. 
  3. Send a Card: If your bridesmaids are long distance or you don’t know when you can get together, sending a card to ask them to be your bridesmaid would be perfectly appropriate.  Whether you send one that is spunky or sentimental is completely up to you!
  4. Photo Strip/Collage: Make a collage or create a photo booth strip with a few of your favorite photos of you together and write a message on the back.  This one is great because it is fun and sentimental. 
  5. A Cute Picture Frame: Personalized gifts are one of the best ways to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding and a picture frame is absolutely perfect. These are great because they are functional, personal, and your bridesmaids can put pictures from the wedding inside! Etsy is a great place to look for a gift like this!
  6. Jewelry! You can pretty much always count on jewelry to say what you need it to. For this, you could give out necklaces or earrings you want your girls to wear on the wedding day, or a cute charm bracelet to show off your friendship. 
  7. Just Ask! At the end of the day, asking them to be your bridesmaid is just about the relationship you have, so if you are not up for a cutsie card or hand making gift boxes just isn’t your thing, then go ahead and just call each girl up, or find some face to face time, and just ask. Don’t even sweat it! It is not like you are proposing marriage!

Bridal Shower Gifts: There is More than Kitchenware!

Posted by csancho on Nov 04, 2013

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

The nice thing about a bridal shower is that it is 100% about the bride. This means that your gift for the bride can be items to help build the soon to be newlywed’s new home, be sentimental, or can be a gift meant to just dote on the bride.

Gifts for the Home 

Gifts for the home, like kitchenware, linens, towels, lamps, etc., are always great. These gifts are more function oriented and are perfect if you don’t necessarily know the bride as well as some of the other guests. A great mixing bowl set, super soft sheets, or a toaster, won’t look like you don’t know the bride, but instead imply that you are excited for the new home and adventure she is about to embark on. These types of gifts are usually what you will find on the gift registry.

Sentimental Gifts

A girl’s wedding is going to be one of the more emotional and joyous day of her life. For the bridal shower, something sentimental could be a great way of encouraging the bride to enjoy every minute of it and show her how much you care. These gifts come more appropriately from the mother of the bride or soon to be mother in law, the best friend, grandma, or someone who feels extremely close to the bride. Some suggestions for gifts:

  • The bride handkerchief (this can also be given on the wedding day)
  •  A photo album for the big day that perhaps include wedding day photos of her parents, grandparents, and in-laws.
  •  A locket to tell the bride to never forget the love in her heart  (Origami Owl has some great and completely personalized lockets!)

Doting on the Bride

These are the pampering gifts. You want to tell your bride to relax, enjoy the ride, and to remember to always take care of herself. This type of gift can come from anyone and will be much appreciated. Also, these are perfect for the bridal shower because they can be used on the wedding day and for pre-wedding primping. Some examples of this type of gift:

  • A just-for-the-bride robe or sweats
  • Slippers
  • A gift certificate for a massage
  • A gift certificate for a mani pedi
  • Bath salts, lotions, tanning oils
  • A gift card for something she is specifically interested in, such as Barnes and Nobles, Sephora, or a hobby shop.

And Maybe a Little Naughty

A gift that is always fun when it turns up is some longerai. If you don’t know the bride very well, this may not be the best idea, but it is great coming from a sister, the BFF, or a spunky aunt. Longerai can be found at places like wal-mart and target, but better quality longerai really does come from shops like Victoria Secret.

Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Love (Part 1): Bridesmaids

Posted by llongacre on Jul 10, 2012

Once you have most of your major wedding plans figured out, it’s a great time to start thinking about gifts for your bridal party! Each person is there to make your wedding day special and will be your support group from beginning to end. What better way to show your appreciation than by honoring them with a gift they can use on your wedding day and for years to come? Here are a couple of gift ideas your bridesmaids (and flower girl!) will love…

Cute Ways to Ask Friends to be Bridesmaids

Posted by sconant on Jul 02, 2012

Your wedding is the one of the most important days of your life. It is key to make sure that you surround yourself with the most important people in your life. Your bridesmaids are your sisters, cousins, and best friends and you may want to ask them to be part of your bridal party in a way that shows them how essential they are to you, especially during your wedding process. There are some unique ideas for asking someone to be your bridesmaid that will make that special moment even more extraordinary.

One idea is to create a small customized box with pictures of you two, filled with knickknacks that have meaning to your friendship. Add a note, or paint the bottom of the box, the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” This is a sentimental gift that she will be able to look at and remember that special moment you two shared together.

Another very cute way to ask your bridesmaids is to customize the label on a wine bottle. Create a label featuring a picture of you and your friend or relative with a quote asking them to be part of your special day. Add this label to a bottle of champagne or wine and give it to her!

If you have some cash to spare, and you want to splurge a little on your best girlfriends, pick out a piece of jewelry that either matches the colors of the wedding, or is universal. Then either give it to them by hand, or (to be funny) get down on a knee and “propose” to them to be your bridesmaid! It’s funny and cute, and is a story that they will be able to tell to your friends and family forever!!

Guest Post By Michael O’Connor, Jewelry and Style Expert

It’s your posse, your gal pals who’ve been there for you. This milestone in your lives together should be marked with a keepsake worthy of the occasion. There is no better gift than jewelry to convey how you feel about these important women in your life.
The tradition of buying gifts for wedding attendants dates back to ancient times when Egyptian noble women presented precious metals and gems to their ladies-in-waiting.

The pieces you choose are as unique and precious as the women you ask to stand up for you. Approximately 60% of brides give jewelry as attendant gifts.  Necklaces and earrings are the most popular gifts for about three quarters of brides surveyed. More than a quarter of brides choose bracelets.

Platinum and diamond pendant by Gumuchian, price ranges from $1501-$2500

There’s so much you can say with fine jewelry that will last a lifetime. Here are some of my top choices:

  • Classic platinum and diamond stud earrings since they will look stunning with most outfits
  • Various sizes and styles of hoop earrings
  • Delicate pendant necklaces on a platinum chain that can be layered post-wedding
  • Jewelry that builds awareness for a charitable organization
  • Custom design a piece like celebrity bridal blogger Jen Schefft (of The Bachelorette fame), who connected with jewelry designer Erin Gallagher to create pearl bracelets for her bridesmaid and herself