What Kind of Bride are You? {Part 2}

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 11, 2010

In our first post we talked about the traditional, modern, and individual bride. Here are the remaining three.  Which one are you our of the six?


4. The Romantic Bride

You are driven by passion and emotions. Everything around you feels like a fairytale adventure, and you want your wedding to be the same way.  You are okay with being the girly-girl and being pretty.  You emulate your passions through your everyday attire and will do the same with your wedding decor and style.  You are bound to wear something lavish and choose extravagant details, why wouldn’t you? You want the fairytale!

wedding-dress-enchanting looks

5. The Exhibitionist Bride

You are of the belief that you can’t go too far when it comes to decor, fashion, and your wedding.  Subtlety is not a word you understand. You will wear a dress that makes a statement the second you walk through the door. You want the attention and deserve it, because it’s your big day. You will accent this extravagant gown with sparkling jewelry, and wear a veil that screams character.

wedding-dress-keith-dunlop-photography6. The Minimalist Bride

This bride is going for the less is more look, and wants a simple stated dress. You are confident about who you are and don’t want any elaborate dress to show that. Your decor and overall style is unique because you’ll add details that accent a very clean presentation.  This can often be the eco-conscious bride, being satisfied with organic flowers from the local garden and creating an atmosphere that mimics the natural environment.

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What Kind of Bride are You? {Part 1}

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 10, 2010

Women sometimes consider themselves a specific type or style of ‘bride’, which is reflected in their wedding planning decisions – what type of dress you choose, your decor, the ceremony, the vows, and what traditions you follow, or don’t follow for that matter.  We’ve compiled some of these “types” of brides in case you wanted to see if you classify into one of these categories, but remember this is just for fun – we are all about being original and who you are!


1. The Traditional/Visionary Bride

Your gown is timeless, but relevant at the same time.  You believe that elements of your wedding should reveal a piece of where your from.  You believe in subtly captivating your guests with simple, yet elegant details.  You’ve known exact what type of wedding you’ve wanted since you were little.


2. The Modern/Functional Bride

You want your wedding to feel like the Modern Museum of Art.  Your dress will be a piece of art, something that does not conform to the traditional gown.  You are well organized, knowing exactly how you will go about planning your wedding.  The decor will be textured, similar to modern art sculptures – symbolizing your outlook into the future of style.


3. The Individual/Savvy Bride

This bride makes a statement that is all her own. You are not following the trends, but rather creating ones that show off your own personal sense of style. You want your wedding to be a “forum of self-expression”.  You have set your expectations high for your big day, and go to all extremes to make them happen. At the same time you’re very organized about your planning process, knowing exactly who to contact, and have your checklist on hand at all times.

more Bride Styles in {Part 2}

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