Don’t Forget…Yourself

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 21, 2013


Photo by: Katelyn James Photography

Don’t forget to prepare yourself before you check off the last item on your to-do list–marry the love of your life!

1. Dress Alterations & Fittings –  On average, brides go to three to four fittings. The key is to time them right–go too early or too late and you might not end up with a proper fit, especially if you have lost (or gained) weight. Remember to bring your undergarments, shoes and accessories, so you can envision your overall wedding day look.

2. Hair & Makeup Trial – During the planning process, it’s so important to meet with your vendors. A trial is the perfect opportunity for a hair and makeup artist to showcase what they do best and for you to share any concerns, whether it’s a skin sensitivity or even a bad hair day.

3. Check In & Confirm Honeymoon  – Call ahead to confirm your reservation. If you’re traveling outside of the U.S., keep in mind that your passport must match the name on your airline ticket and hotel room.

4. Drop Luggage Off at Hotel – If you’ll be staying at the same hotel as your guests, drop off an overnight bag the day before.

5. Drop Dress & Accessories Off at Venue  – If you and your bridesmaids aren’t getting dressed at the hotel, drop off your dress the day before.

6. Pack for Your Honeymoon Early – Consider just a carry-on suitcase. You won’t be needing a lot of clothes (just your bathing suit), if you’re going to an exotic location in the Caribbean.

7. Eat, Drink & Be Married – Don’t go through the day on an empty stomach, pre-order oatmeal with chia seeds for breakfast, salad for lunch and an afternoon snack like trail mix. The oatmeal along with the chia seeds will keep your skin glowing from head to toe, the salad will diminish unnecessary bloating and the trail mix will cure your hunger in between the ceremony and reception dinner. Hydrate with water before you pop the bubbly!

8. Gift Caretaker  – Before you can rush back to the hotel to put the “do not disturb” sign on your door, designate someone to take your presents home. Give them a key in advance.