Bright Yellow, Fall Wedding in Michigan

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 28, 2012

Laura & Kevin

October 6

Traverse City, Michigan 


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

The view for the on-site ceremony was breathtaking.  It encompassed everything I wanted people to LOVE about Northern Michigan–the water, the changing colors of the leaves and everything surrounding us.  It also uses all local food along with its own spirits, wine and beer.  Its outdoor space was perfect for our outdoor games, fireplace and cocktail hour.  It felt perfectly casual.

2. Which four details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. The place settings: I had a good friend of mine help me design each person’s place seating with their name and plated dinner they were getting (tying in the invitation graphics).  These were accented with two billy balls that pulled the entire theme together.

2. The blankets and pillows by the fireplace for folks to stay warm:  The blankets were knitted by Kevin’s 90-year-old grandmother, and the pillows were decorated by Laura’s mom and sewn by a close friend. Each were made with so much love.

3. The leaves on the aisle leading up to the altar:  I love the fall, and I love walking on leaves when they fall from the trees. It has always made me so happy, and to have those on the aisle walking towards my groom with my dad next to me made the most perfect moment!

4. The centerpiece boxes: They were made by my father from an old farm in Michigan where we used to visit and play in when we were kids. The florist filled those with flowers, and they looked wonderful.

3. Give us the one moment from your wedding day that you can’t stop thinking about. 

When our best man was finishing his speech he said, “There was a great philosopher who once said, ‘Whoop, whoop whoop.'” And 30+ of our closest friends and cousins busted out with a flash mob to a choreographed Gangnam Style dance.  I had not cried all day because I was just so excited and overly happy to marry my best friend, but this display of how many great people we had in our lives put me over the edge, and it’s something we will NEVER forget.  I still watch the video whenever I need a pick me up!  People approach me telling me how amazing it was.