Engaged: A Gift of Another at Christmas

Posted by mmaxfield on Dec 24, 2012

All those new family-to-be members waiting in the wings of Christmas Eve to welcome you into the family, at last! Hark! What better symbol of family heirlooms and traditions, than a chorus of Steinbach's German nutcrackers! Photo: Marjorie Maxfield


A Christmas engagement!

Is it not one of the most romantic times of the year? A time of gifting. And, a time to pause, (gasp, not in the middle aisle of Bloomingdale’s in NYC, Apple Store in Houston’s Galleria, or  the cosmetic counter at Neiman Marcus, LA) and reflect on “just what does my engagement mean?”

If you suspect a ringing in the near future or, after the 1st; read on.

To be engaged is to receive a gift of another, and, likewise, be that gift to another.

Nothing tops this! All eyes will be on your ring; however, you know that a gift of another is the most magnificent gift that you will receive and give this, or any other Yule!

With this ring, more Christmas gifts abound– a new family! New traditions, new names and faces, along with all those family stories that need to be remembered and retold. They, the in-laws, sisters, brothers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins to the third  line of relatives, are, too, a gift! All to shine brightly on your tree of life!

Perhaps, a word or two of a practical matter!

What to do first after the blush of yes has faded and needs to be enhanced with a sweep of Chanel Joules Contraste pink powder. Make a list, and check it twice. Here’s mine, a national wedding etiquette expert:

Registry Items: Sweet Treats

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 11, 2012

Photos (from left to right): Bloomingdales and Williams-Sonoma

With so many choices, it’s hard to make sure you have all the essentials on your registry checklist, but don’t forget to add some fun items too. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you will want to add Cuisinart’s soft serve ice cream machine that automatically swirls the ice cream with any of your favorite mix-ins. Think: M&M’s, Reese’s peanut butter cups and Oreos. Or maybe Breville’s pie maker that can make up to four individual-sized pies or tarts with any of your favorite fillings. Think: strawberries, blueberries and apples. For more items to add to your registry–check out our registry checklist.

Five Secrets to Avoid the Thank-You Note Avalanche

Posted by mmaxfield on May 02, 2012

The Registry at Williams-Sonoma, The Pottery Barn, Sur La Table, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman’s, Macy’s are fast at work translating your every wedding wish into a rush of beautifully and distinctively wrapped packages to your front door. Pity on the poor the UPS delivery man, or bevy of delivery drivers bringing your cache to your home or your parent’s home. What’s a poor girl to do?

First, forget the dismal state of the UPS men-wearing-brown, it is you that concerns us. Take a deep breath, and think: every lovely bridal package elbowing its way into your new abode must have a very lovely thank you note, with no exception. Our condolences!

No, it really can get worse. And, it does, if you ignore the warning signs of the oncoming avalanche of bridal thank you notes.

Advice! Forward these five secrets to anyone who you know is getting married, and you consider your good friend.

This calls for a little Adele!

Take note: Adele will set the pace to help you knock out those thank-you’s every night.