The Difference in a Photo Booth

Posted by aruchaevsky on Sep 11, 2013

Since our studio decided to offer photo booths, we have learned a great deal. Certain tips can help influence a couples decision when shopping for a photo booth for their wedding day.

As most couples know there are a few consistencies which all photo booth services must provide. If you are shopping a photo booth company, and they do not offer at least the minimum than you may want to look elsewhere.

Must-have list:

1.     Multiple printed strips for each photo session. (This will allow you to leave one image for the couple, sometimes in a scrap book, and keep one image as a keepsake.)

2.     Multiple poses, printed for each photo session. Just about everyone you know will tell you that when they take a picture in a photo booth, they expect to take at least 3-4 pictures, which should be printed on a strip. The 4th spot in some cases is reserved for the wedding date, custom logo or monogram.

3.     Black and white photographs and color photographs. (Most photo booths offer a variety of image options; however, at minimal, it should offer both black and white, as well as color images.

4.     Attendant(s). This is imperative in the event the photo booth is not functioning properly.

The rest falls into a wide field of variety.

Hiring The Right Videographer

Posted by aruchaevsky on Sep 04, 2013

Choosing a videographer can be an easy task if you know what to look for. Current trends use words like, “cinematic”, “dramatic” or “documentary” to describe the style of video a particular company offers. The reality is that all wedding videos are documentaries, which by definition is a “motion picture consisting of factual sequences.” What that means is nothing in a wedding is staged or rehearsed (in formal scenes), creating moments spontaneously, which are then captured and edited. Cinematic video is another way to describe a style or format; however, the true meaning of cinematic is “motion photography or motion picture,” and therefore, by description all videos are both cinematic documentaries.

Many couples are now looking for more candid, photo-journalistic images of their wedding but also want the traditional portrait shots, which dawn the covers and pages of bridal magazines.

What about the groom and his preparation before the ceremony?

All of these questions can be answered by adding a second photographer to your wedding day. That does not mean an assistant, who will carry equipment or possibly get in the way, I am talking about a second professional photographer. At our studio, we offer a second photographer for a half day and a full day. Now, what will you be getting for investing in a second camera?

Album Design, What’s the Difference?

Posted by aruchaevsky on Jan 16, 2012

Some of the trends in wedding photography moving into 2012 is purchasing the high resolution images, and creating your own album, or creating an album at a later time, after the wedding.

Although our studio has seen a rise in this trend, the majority of the couples we meet, have an album and parent albums included with their package.

Real Wedding: Empire Club, Little Ferry, New Jersey

Posted by aruchaevsky on Jul 30, 2010

Having recently undergone an incredible renovation, The Empire Club has emerged as one of Jersey’s premier wedding reception locations, offering the perfect setting for an outdoor or indoor ceremony and reception.