Styling Your Wedding Requires a Little Editing

Posted by rhalpern on Jul 16, 2012

Many times brides come to Vintage&Lace with a strong picture in their mind of what they want for their wedding decor.  However, not every bride has a vision and even those who do, sometimes need a little help bringing everything together.

Brides that know what they want sometimes send me hundreds of images of dresses, hairstyles, table décor, lighting, flowers, and cakes they have been collecting from magazines, blogs, and online galleries for months – maybe even years.  I certainly don’t blame the bride for collecting so many images; with all the beautiful and inspiring weddings out there, it is extremely hard to narrow it down. However, the truth is, many times these images don’t really compliment each other or are actually contradictory (for example, there will be a photo of a simple two-tiered square cake next to an ornate three-tiered round cake).  So, we start the careful process of elimination as we decipher from each photo what the bride really likes about it and whether or not it is actually representative of the style she wants to portray.

In my opinion a wedding with true style is very different than a wedding with just a lot of décor.  In other words, a wedding may have a lot of details, but if those items don’t come together in an intentional and meaningful way, the overall style can be lost.


As a professional, I have learned that there is a certain way of arranging items to create a distinctive appearance and sophistication which sometimes requires “editing” out items that you find beautiful but that just don’t work with the rest of the composition.


My advice to brides having a hard time narrowing it down is to start with the basics. Decide what colors you love, whether you want a formal or informal event, a round or square cake, long or short bridesmaids’ dresses, etc. Then, pick just your absolute three favorite pictures in each category that best represent your vision and start meeting with the experts that can help you create – not just replicate – something truly unique to you.