Spring Wedding Decor Tips

Posted by kharrison on Apr 25, 2012

Springtime is all about embracing natural beauty. Capture the season’s eye-catching colors and natural elements with charming DIY tips for your spring wedding!

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee, Nina Mullins

Bouquets and table décor blooming with color are ideal at every wedding. Local flowers require less travel, so you are guaranteed the fullest and freshest blooms for your green wedding with less carbon emissions to boot! Ripe fruits add a pop of unexpected and vibrant color to any tablescape, as well. For a modern and elegant touch, consider handpicked twisting branches; intertwine them with flowers to create a uniquely beautiful floral arrangement!

Photo Credit: Ruffled, Archive Vintage Rentals

Repurposing family heirlooms or vintage furniture adds a personal, romantic touch to any wedding. Mix and match unique pieces for seating, or repurpose dressers and desks into photo booths or gift tables!

Photo Credit: Digs Digs 

Give your wedding an eco-chic feel by decorating with handmade miniature terrariums! These tiny gardens can be planted and cultivated in recycled mason jars, old light bulbs, repurposed bottles, salvaged vases, etc.  Miniature terrariums are a great focal piece for tables, promote growth, and mix modern elegance with natural beauty to create a one-of-a-kind design!