Spring Flowers

Posted by hchapple on May 04, 2011

Spring is in the air, and wedding season is here!!!!! I was recently in  NYC visiting the flower market and I thought I would share some of the lovely blooms available right now.

Tulips, lots and lots of tulips. This bloom is available in many different shades until the warmer weather comes in mid June. Tulips make a comeback in the Fall once we pass the heat of Summer.

Anemones are extremely popular this time of year, they are available in white, red, purple, hot pink and magenta. This is also a Spring flower that returns in the Fall.

Peonies are now coming on strong and will be available until mid June. This is one flower that everyone wants all year long, but that simply is not possible. The peony is a full out Spring beauty.

We adore cabbage roses, and hurray, you can have these precious blooms all year long. They are the perfect substitute if the peony is not available when you marry.

Ranunculus and sweet peas, we love these and enjoy them in many different shades.

Hyacinth blooms bring a fabulous fragrance to your designs. This bloom is only available in the Spring. These can be found in white, lavender, purple, yellow, peach, cream, blue.

Succulents have been the rage for the last few years. They are available all year long but they are very costly. Brides should be aware that these are one of the most expensive floral purchases available but because of their unique shape and texture they are truly worth the money. Another fun thing to know about the succulent is that it can be rooted in water after the event and placed outside. I love that!!!

More ranunculus and one of our personal favorite flowers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of Springs most wonderful treats!!

Photography by Vicki Grafton.