Spice Up the Boutonnieres

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 19, 2010

Boutonnieres can sometimes take the back burner when it comes to wedding planning. So we decided to give them some love today and share a few ideas beyond the typical one rose idea.   If you want more inspiration, check out our photo gallery full of boutonniere photos!

Wedding-Boutonniere-Chris Meurer

Wedding-Boutonniere-Albert Yau3

Wedding-Boutonniere-Marci Curtis

Wedding-Boutonniere-Melissa Musgrove4

Wedding-Boutonniere-Karen Bonar & Mike Shepherd2

Wedding-Boutonniere-Karen Bonar & Mike Shepherd

Photo Credits:

Heartland Photography

Meurer Image Photography

Marci Curtis – Wedding Photojournalist

Melissa Musgrove Photography