So Pleased with Myself

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 14, 2009

My shower invitations went out this morning. Oh yeah! Shower me with goodies in exactly 1 month!


How do I know my shower invitations went out this morning? Because I put them in the mail myself. That’s right- gasp all you want. I made my shower invitations. I know, I know… my shower is not in my control. (That’s what you all think!) Why did I do it? Well, first and foremost because I take great joy in designing and crafting, I also did it because my maid of honor is still a student while she works full time and my mother (the two women hosting my shower) is crafting-functionaly-retarded. If left to their own devices I would end up with some doilies glue sticked to napkins with lots of glitter, scanned and then printed on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. I adore them both, do I want to stress them out by forcing them to do things neither of them are comfortable with? Usually, yes. This time, no.

Side note: Perk to planning a wedding = I buy all kinds of sweet crafting stuff!!

Here is the documented process of shower invitation making.

*This is my very own idea… no Martha-copying here!*

I searched and searched the web for inspiration to no avail. I couldn’t find a darn thing I liked. I wanted something wholy different.

Start with that you know. I love love love love fabrics. I find myself back at my local fabric store Haberman’s where I picked out the most adorable plaid in pretty spring colors on CLEARANCE!!! $5.00 for the whole yard. I also snagged some coordinating velvet ribbon.


Plus Pansy Cat No. 3 as supervisor.

Over to Write Impressions to pick up pretty fuchsia scalloped cards and olive envelopes. A little more pricey than going to a place like Paper Source or Archiver’s, but I try to support small local businesses whenever possible.

Last stop at Michael’s to pick up a rotary cutter AND my new favorite crafting-thingy. My XYRON machine. It makes stickers. I got the one that makes stickers up to 2.5 inches wide, it was $20.00. I wanted the larger one, but it was $50.00 dollars and I just couldn’t justify it. The final touch: blingy-sticky-rhinestones in multiple sizes.

Xyron Machine


30 flat scalloped cards in fuchsia

30 green envelopes

2 yards velvet ribbon


super glue


XYRON machine


rotary cutter with scalloped blade


I started by ripping my fabric into 2.5 in wide strips. (The Xyron machine makes stickers…. that’s all, just stickers.) You insert one end of the strip into the machine and turn the little crank on the side.



Then I cut out 30 little plaid umbrella stickers out of my fabric sticker strip.

I made a template using Microsoft Word and printed my little scalloped cards.

Side note: This is my baby. I desperately want a Gocco, but for now- this is the best damn printer for small projects. It takes every size I’ve ever given it and even the super heavy weight papers.


Not to be confused with the demon spawn, a.k.a Pansy Dudes laser printer. The printer that will eat anything you put near it… the bane of my crafting existence.

Devil Printer

Here is the base:


Peel and stick the umbrella sticker.

Glue on the lovely velvet ribbon. I recommend super glue. I tried a number of different types of adhesive- but I have this super glue that’s a gel. It works the best by far- got more grip than a pot of lobsters.

I used little white rhinestones as rain drops. Stuck them randomly above the umbrella.

A larger sized rhinestone in the middle in the gap between the text. Voila!

Shower invitation.