Shopping through the seasons!

Posted by violet on Apr 06, 2012

I am one of those brides who is lucky enough to have an entire year (and eight months!) to plan my wedding. One of the greatest things about this is that I have the opportunity to shop through the seasons.

When we first got engaged, it was right before Christmas, and when I went shopping at my local craft and silk flower stores, I saw a lot of fall foliage and fall decorations marked down to 75% off. Wishing momentarily that I had chosen orange and red for my wedding colors, I remembered that I had an entire year to shop, and that meant spring and summer flowers would go on clearance eventually as well.

Paying full price for stuff when you’re planning a wedding is never a fun thing to do. With so much to pay for, buying things on clearance is always the best option. So, here’s some ideas for wedding things and when to buy them!

Spring Clearance Season
– Brightly colored flowers, especially pastel colors.
– Same goes for pastel ribbons!
– Bird cages, bird houses, etc. (I know some people are going for the love-bird theme)

Summer Clearance Season
– Bright, solid colored flowers…many of the same ones you can buy in the spring.
– Bright fabrics, ribbons.

Fall Clearance Season
– Pumpkins, gourds, etc.
– Red, yellow, orange foliage…especially leaves.
– Darker colored flowers, mums.

Christmas/Winter Clearance Season
– Silver and Gold! There are so many decorations for trees and your house in gold and silver…this is a great time to buy them for your wedding!
– Candles…it seems that around Christmas time they come out with the most beautiful white candles with glitter and sparkle and design…great for unity candles or for center pieces!
– Wedding bells – well, really they’re Christmas bells…but you sure can make them into wedding bells by tying a ribbon of your choice to them.
– Greenery, poinsettias, Christmas roses.

Obviously I’ve missed a lot, but this was just to give you some ideas for bargain shopping through the seasons!

What did you buy on seasonal clearance for your wedding?