Sharing the Happiness

Posted by rnewton on Jun 04, 2009

In 1924 Marshall Field’s introduced the bridal registry.  More recently, Target launched the electronic bridal registry.  Wonderful innovations.

For some, getting married is synonymous with setting up a new household.  Yet for others – especially two adults merging two households – paring down is in order.  Which brings me to the latest innovation in gifts: the charity registry.  It’s a brilliant idea, and the results are likely to make you feel a whole lot better than a new toaster.  Three of the best known are the I Do Foundation, Just Give and Changing the Present.  So pick one and stick a link on your website.

Incidentally, it’s not uncommon for couples – especially those that are more affluent – to want to have a “no gift” event.  But that rarely works so well; guests will ignore your preferences, and you will end up owning three espresso machines.  So sign up for a charity registry instead.  And if you have children from a previous marriage, having them research and choose the charities is a great way to make them feel more involved in your wedding (two great organizations that kids can relate to are “Free Rice” by the World Food Program and Heifer International.)

While on the subject of giving, it’s worth thinking about the flowers.  The “grab a centerpiece free for all” that so often happens at the end of events can be a pretty horrific sight (I have literally seen fists fly!)  Is there a nearby hospital that can put the flowers to better use?  (if you do, put little notices on the tables or even directly on the menu cards to inform your guests.)

Isn’t it wonderful to know that on this day, the happiest day of your life, you will be able to share some of your happiness with others less fortunate?