Savvy Textural Arrangements!

Posted by twilson on Apr 12, 2010


With the spring weddings just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for brides to take advantage of one of the most beautiful and inspiring trends of 2010. We’re moving away from tall, overdone arrangements and towards smaller, lush arrangements that have a personality all on their own. Here are the centerpieces that are giving flowers a face-lift this year:

  • Wild gardens, autumn foliage, or snow-topped evergreen floral schemes add dimension and character to tables. Taking what is fresh in season and arranging in a way that clearly communicates the time of year is a very natural and understated way to make all of your guests feel like a part of the seasonal spirit.
  • Small planters, crates, antique pieces, classic pedestals, and unique vases create texture and compliment the loosely assembled arrangements well. You need not use a single vase if you don’t want to—think outside the box to mismatch and create a look that is totally your own.
  • Adding color and style through patterned fabrics, bark sleeves, and accessories can boost up the textural value and play into the medley you’ve created. Ask your florist to use some of your favorite chintz or gingham, plaid or floral and have fun with it.

Images from Mari Gold, Shop in Bloom, & It’s Only Natural Gifts