Savvy Summer Wedding Ideas!

Posted by twilson on May 28, 2010


The great outdoors and the summertime are a match made in heaven. And with such an amazing match to set the groundwork for your commitment, good luck is in the air! Here are a few of our favorite wedding ideas that work best when used under the summer sun:

  • Cold Drinks: Old-fashioned soda bottles, mason jars filled with lemonade, or a margarita machine all add that comfort kick. The sun makes people thirsty, why not give them something to talk about?
  • Ice Cream Bar: From banana splits and sundae’s, to frozen yogurt machines or gelato, ice cream is a nostalgic part of summer. Make a gorgeous display of toppings for guests to pick and choose throughout the day.
  • Natural Scenery: When you’re hosting a party outdoors, it’s best to work with what nature gave you. Garden-like florals in crates or understated gatherings of sunflowers, wild flowers, or bluebonnets make for a fabulous way to pay homage to the backdrop.
  • A Big Band: Live music has long been a friend to the outdoors. Having a laid back cocktail hour and a sultry reception vibe will liven up all the guests. Let the good times roll!
  • Eco-chic favors: Always opt for something local to give guests, like home grown seasonings, sauces, or treats. Nothing says your grateful more than putting your heart (and a cause) behind something. Write notes about the significance of the favor, and send happy guests along their way!

Images from Bride & Bloom Flowers, Laist, Jordan Ferney