Save the Date Poem?

Posted by Cherry on Jul 20, 2011

I have A LOT of out of town guests on my wedding list. I am hoping that all of them can come but I know it will be a struggle for some. After all, our wedding is on a Friday and that can be tough because people have to take off of work. I wanted my guests to know that either way they are an important part of my special day. I also wanted to know who is coming so I can plan accordingly. I decided to send my so cute Save the Dates out the end of this month just to my out of town guests. They are top secret until I mail them out!  (I cannot wait to share them. My AMAZING cousin Kim designed them!)

I wanted to put something with my Save the Date to ask the out of town guests to just let me know what they were thinking. My out of town guests are about 60 people and that is a big number! I do not want to over prepare so I thought this would be a good way to figure it out.  I thought about putting a nice little note that read,

“Please let us know if you plan on attending our upcoming wedding! We
wanted to give you enough time to plan in case you could make it because
you are located in a different state. We hope to see you there- but if
you cannot attend because of the location we do understand. If you are
planning on coming let us know so we can block of the hotel for the
appropriate nights you plan on staying. Thank you!”

I posted this to my bridesmaids and I got some mixed reviews. I did get a great idea from one of them that said, “ Try finding a poem of some sort. It would be a better way to go about it.”  Genius! I started looking online and found a poem that I have adapted to fit my day! Here is the poem that I plan on putting with my Save the Dates:

This ******* reminds you
To please Save-the-Date
We’re marrying in March
So not long to wait!

We know you’re out of town,
So please let us know now,
For we’d love you to be there,
As we make our vows,

The twenty-third’s a Friday
As a matter of fact,
Please try and be present
To witness the act!

But if you can’t make it
Then don’t be distressed
You can join us ‘in spirit’
As our union is blessed!

I am still working on wording the second part of the poem about the “so please let us know now” but I love it!  I think this is a great way to kindly ask your guests to let you know.  I know this is not proper etiquette but I usually don’t follow things like that! 🙂 Let me know what you think! Have you used a poem before?