Runway Bridesmaids

Posted by bridalbuds on Aug 05, 2009

Yes, that is runway, not runaway….I always thought it would be somewhat cool and unique to make the wedding aisle more like a runway and dressing everyone differently, yet cohesive. Our bridal party consists of five on each side, so my thought is to select either different colors for the ladies and/or different styles. What I have found and love is the Dessy Group jersey twist wrap dress, it can be work at least 5-6 different ways.  It seems as though this way of working the aisle is a little bit tabu, but I am determined to make it work!  Or at least sah-shay trying.

::Sidebar– I am eagerly awaiting a sample of this dress so that we can try it on and ensure that the wrapping of it is as easy as it seems::

Dress by The Dessy Group::Matte Jersey Twist



See how fabu this looks??  My colors would all be in the purple family…at least 1st cousins of the violet family….


For my style, the different look is very much “me” to attempt being different.  We are also thinking of having the guys ties match the girls dresses…. Or gifting them with a fun tie that matches without being too matchy-matchy.  Poinsettia Dude and I have not yet selected the tie attire…but will post something once we do.

What do you think?