Ringless Men

Posted by lilac on Apr 05, 2011

It’s probably a hot topic in the wedding blogosphere so let me throw this out here: Prince William is not planning on wearing a wedding band.

I was listening to the morning show on my way into work and they were discussing his decision to forgo the traditional wedding band. Of course the man on the show was all for it and stated that he had no intentions of wearing one either.

{Image from Wedding Ring Site}

Boy would I be steamed if Lilac Dude announced his intentions of not wearing a ring. Luckily, I have one of those men who has strong opinions and likes to have nice things… including a wedding band. Hence my man has diamonds in his band.

A reason that the radio guy cited for not wanting to wear one is that he’s just not a “jewelry guy” and would feel weird with a ring on.

I strongly believe that men should wear their wedding rings (as should women, but that’s not as common of an issue) because it’s a sign to people that you’re committed to someone else, many (not all however) single ladies will not flirt with men in rings which removes temptation, glancing down and seeing at points during the day reminds you of your wife… and may prompt you to do sweet things that she likes.

Plus, after a very short time of wearing a ring you get used to it and it doesn’t feel foreign anymore.

The wedding ring was so important to my parents that when both of their jobs were damaging their wedding bands and/or causing danger to their hands, they went out and got them tattooed.

What would you do if your guy decided not to wear a wedding ring?