Sponsored Post Provided and Written By: Perfect Circle™ Jewelry Insurance

Protect your memories

First there was friendship, then dating and finally he proposed. Congratulations!  Now you’re planning your wedding and your life together. With hundreds of things to do, don’t forget how important it is to protect your memories. Insuring your jewelry is as important as planning your special day.

More than a financial investment

Consider everything that went into your jewelry purchase. The time spent shopping, working with a jeweler and the moment you said yes. Homeowners and renters insurance companies don’t always understand that your jewelry represents more than a financial investment.  Perfect Circle™ Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual® understands this because jewelry insurance is all we do.

We cover real life

A Perfect Circle policy provides comprehensive jewelry coverage based on how you live your life. We understand if you lose your ring, you can’t always pinpoint how it went missing, so we cover mysterious disappearance. We replace lost jewelry with the very same kind and quality as the original.  Wearing jewelry means it might get damaged. When you need a repair, we allow you to work with your own jeweler, not one in a network.

Look to the jewelry insurance experts

Every detail, every facet, everything matters to us. We employ jewelry insurance experts and Graduate Gemologists (GIA) who understand that your jewelry represents your connection to the ones you love.


To learn more, visit PerfectCircleInsurance.com and get a free, no-obligation quote or apply for coverage.  You deserve to keep your cherished memories for a lifetime.