Registry Troubles…

Posted by bridalbuds on Apr 06, 2011

We’ve gotten down the point in our planning where we need to solidify certain choices, like where we’re going to register and how/what is going on the invitation/announcements.

One of our big “discussions” involved trying to figure out where and what to register for (which we haven’t yet done). I guess one of my questions would be should we A) figure out where to register and then add stuff, or B) figure out what we want, in general, then figure out where to register?

Right now, all I know that we’ve really got our eyes on is: Towels, NICE towels; the “chaise” to go with our sofa-from Ikea, Nice knifes, and new Scuba Suits… maybe we need another set of sheets.

#1: We’re pretty well stocked on your average “household” goods, superficially in the kitchen.  So much so that we sent my brother off to college with a few extra things between the two of us.

#2: the stuff we do need is random, all from different places, and a bit unconventional: LIKE, new Scuba Suits.

#3: We’d like cash, but aren’t a big fan of any of the “cash deposit websites”. Mr Daisy is scheptical of most of the websites and I think that just using PayPal looks tack, and is vauge…

  • One thing I’ve learned from fund raising a few big things the past few years is that people are more willing to donate/give if they know EXACTLY what and why they’re giving, and what the goal is… so for fund raising, if you announce we’re raising 10,000 dollars for, whatever, rather than just saying “we’ve got a long way to go” people are willing to give you more money;  100 bucks, rather than 20 or 50. So, for a wedding, if you can specifically say we need 200 to go to a Scuba suit, rather than just saying we want money, inevitably, you’ll probably end up with more in the end (Rather greedy, I know).
  • Mr. Daisy also thinks that people like to hand you something, I don’t disagree… maybe we shouldn’t register for these OR promote PayPal… but just put down our “honeymoon dreams” on our own website.

#4: We’re really not sure how tech savy everyone on our list is. I have to imagine that if they aren’t tech savy, like my grandma, then they also aren’t going to be driving themselves to the store anyway, like my grandma.  And probably have someone that would help them look on the internet or take them to the store, like my aunt or mom.

#5: We want big ticket items, It’s not that we’re greedy, but if we need a new spatula, we’ll go buy it-now. I want new knives, they’re not that high on the expenses list for personal purchases.

~ SO ~

Our current plan is to register at:

  • Macy’s? (for a few things, towels, china–mainly because my grandma MUST buy us this, I’m not sure how I feel about having only 2 or 3 place settings bought for us, seems silly…
  • or Some other Universal type list, we started with one called but honestly, It seems to be a pain, so I’m investigating Amazon’s new Wedding Registry.
  • A cash website like, because come January next year, we’re hoping to take a trip to somewhere WARM and SUNNY for SCUBA and to get away from the Utah Winter, Mr. Daisy loves snow, I could See it one day a year and be happy, I only want it for Christmas… NOT my birthday (It’s still snowing here, in April, and it’s a week till my birthday. lame) (or like i mentioned, not doing this at all, and possibly just describing our dreams, so that they get the hint.)

Rather than listing all these places on our invites/announcements, we’re directing them to our “wedding” website which will eventually become our “US” website/blog. [Which is run through wordpress, where you can make more than one user, so two or more people can blog on the same site (the buds know this, but maybe others don’t) It’s an awesome way for two people to blog together to share their side of the wedding planning experience with the family and friends or who ever has found you on the tubes.]

We registered for a domain that is Daisyandmr.daisy.US instead of .COM (no it’s not actually daisy… our real names). I’ve always felt weird about including a registry in our invites to begin with (I’m not one to advertise things like “if you love me you’ll bring me cookies for my birthday all over facebook), but this points them to our website where they’ll eventually be able to see additional pictures of us, read our story, find directions to the wedding, maps and accommodation information.

Where are you registered? Any recommendations/reviews on the universal registries or cash deposit type websites?