Registry Reservations

Posted by pear on May 16, 2012

Ever since our engagement, my fiance and I have scurried around the topic of registering for gifts quite frequently. It’s not because we are super greedy and materialistic. In fact, we are so much the opposite, that we couldn’t really wrap our heads around the concept. Wedding registries happen to be a traditional wedding practice, yet the thought of having our friends and family pour over a gigantic list of things really bugs us.

And truth be told, John and I have been living together for almost a couple of years now. This means that we have amassed and accumulated more than enough things. Of course we could still make use out of a few items, but it doesn’t make sense to create a registry out of those items and then randomly selecting things out of fear that there wouldn’t be enough options for our guests.

Another truth be told moment: we would rather have a bunch of Lowe’s and Home Depot gift cards so we can fix up and design our house! But that doesn’t seem very wedding-y, now does it?

Our final option was to create a Honeymoon registry. Yes, they absolutely exist, and I think the inventor should be kissed a thousand times over. It is ingenious – Einstein would be amazed! Okay, I digress.

This is the homepage of our honeymoon registry website.

What is amazing about this kind of registry is that you accumulate monetary contributions towards any special event (think baby showers, honeymoons, and anniversaries). The site we use allows you to break everything down into sections. We created a Honeymoon section that included our all-inclusive resort and round trip airfare. Another section was for Pampering, aka couple’s massage. We listed out Excursions and even Beachwear.

The point is that you can customize your registry to be whatever your heart desires. That is the beauty of our advances in technology!

After the section, you break down each section into an amount of money and the number of contributions you need to reach your goal. As an example, we broke things up into 60 contributions of $20 for airfare. That way people can contribute as much or as little as they like.

Make sure to register for what you’d most appreciate receiving money towards. I have seen some for house improvements as couples are moving into a new place together. You can even create a registry for contributions towards new home wares and appliances. There really is no limit to the kind of registry you can create.

Check out Deposit A Gift. Happy registering! And of course, happy planning!