Registry Advice

Posted by morningglory on Oct 25, 2012

Something that I have seen a lot of lately (Since there’s been 6 weddings this year that I have already attended or plan on attending soon!) is mishaps with couple’s registries.

I have to admit that when we initially got engaged last year that the first thing that we did after booking the venue was register for gifts. It’s one of those exciting things you can do as a couple and most men don’t mind it too much since they are allowed to pick out stuff too. The only problem is that couples get a little “trigger happy.” You know, when you go to a place like Bed, Bath and Beyond, and they give you the little scanning gun, and you stroll around merrily with a BEEP here, BEEP there, BEEP everywhere until you cover the whole store.

The problem is that most couples don’t actually look at their registries ever again (unless you are OCD like me). Recently, I visited a friend’s registries, and she pretty much had double everything on each registry, which led me to write this post to give advice to newly engaged ladies and those planning a wedding. Here are a few key items to remember when registering:

  • Keep it simple – Think practically about what you need before you register just for what you want.
  • Variety – Make sure you have different price ranges on your gifts because not everyone has $100 to blow on one item.
  • Keep up with your registry after the deed is done – I don’t know how many times I’ve seen couples get double of the same thing because they registered for similar items at different stores!
  • Make sure there are enough items available in store – If you added items to your registry online, make sure there are a decent amount available in store for those last-minute shoppers.
  • Double check to make sure items aren’t discontinued – You’d be surprised how often this happens and couples have half their registry unavailable because items were either seasonal or inventory changed.

I have to admit that I did register for a Kitchenaid Mixer for $359 hoping that someone who loved me very much would buy it. Well, they didn’t. One thing to keep in mind is that yes, registering for gifts is a chance to ask for things that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself or spend the extra money on, but it’s also not considerate to have a large amount of the more expensive items on your registry. We ended up taking the gift cards we received to purchase our bigger ticket items which was great! Our only problem was trying to find somewhere to put all of our new kitchen items! Cabinet space is limited, so we had a lot of re-arranging to do! Another thing I also suggest is donating your old items or free-cycling them to someone who could use them!

The biggest piece of advice out of everything I’ve written about is to keep up with your registry! You will end up less frustrated in the long run when you don’t have to return a bunch of items!