Registering for Expensive Items

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 02, 2011

I would have to say wedding registry shopping with the fiance was one of the top 3 favorite activities for wedding planning.  =)  We ended up going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for our first stop since they offered a no hassle cash back return policy.

Dilemma: While we were deciding on what to get, we ended up getting a hefty amount that were $70 or more.  One item was $600!  There were some items that I ended up deleting like the fancy chinaware or silverware.  It is nice and we’re not paying for it…but do I…I mean we really need it?  Plus, most of the guests that will be giving us items are our friends (which comprise of college students, just started working, and young adults).  Our family will most likely be giving us hard cash or a check.   I really don’t want to add in cheap stuff like towels, bedding, etc. but everything else that we want/need is pricey($100-$300 range).

Question: Is there a maximum price that I shouldn’t go above when doing my registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond?  Or should I use an online registry like www.simpleregistry or for the big items?

On the side: Perks of Registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

  • No Hassle Cash Back Return– If your guests bought too many of the same item, you’ve changed your mind on what you want, or just need some hard cash…you can return your wedding registry gifts for cash or store credit.  (Just make sure to check with your local BBB…I’ve heard not all the BBB do it)
  • Complete Registry– After your wedding day, if not every item has been purchased on your wedding registry list, you get 10% off each item.
  • Coupons– If you live in the U.S., most people get monthly or weekly coupons in the mail for BBB.  Usually it’s for 20% off  or $5 off an item.  You can only use the coupons in the store though.
  • Wedding Registry Consultant– I’m not sure if all the stores do this, but we had someone helping us along the whole way.  Since we were looking at basic kitchenware like knives and cookware, he helped informed us on the differences between the brands.
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping– When your guests purchase the wedding gift, they can get it gift wrapped for free!
  • BBB Registry Information for Guests– BBB can print out 3″x3″ cardstock paper that has all the information for your registry.  It’s intended to give to your guests.  I’m so glad they did this because I was planning to do this on my own.  Now I don’t!  =)