Recessional: Love Will Be In The Air, Confetti Will Not

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 08, 2011

After we tie the knot, Apple Sauce and I will make our exit out of the ceremony space and … into the next room. Our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception are all in the same venue. While this is super convenient for our guests — no one has to worry about driving to and finding parking at a second location — it makes it hard for us to get that classic wedding photo op. You know the one: where the bride and groom emerge from the church under a shower of confetti and make their way to the getaway car.


My week, so far, has been all about finding unique ways to dress up our indoor mini recessional. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

At first, I was all set on using big felt Valentine’s hearts. Yes, the ones I snuck into last week’s Valentines inspiration board. I’d planned to have them tucked into cones of sheet music that were lined in rustic boxes for guests to take as they walk into the ceremony space. I couldn’t wait to be married and then showered with these gorgeous graphic hearts!

But alas, after re-reading my venue’s contract, it turns out that confetti of any kind is strictly prohibited, or suffer the consequence of a $300 cleanup fee. So, someone PLEASE steal this idea and then post the pictures! Onto the next idea…

Sparklers are out, of course, because we’ll be indoors and um, FIRE!

Bubbles are cute, but I think they’re a little too precious for our “Old Brooklyn boardwalk” style of wedding. I mean, were bubbles even invented in the 1920s? (Yeah, they probably were.)

And then it hit me: pinwheels. They perfectly evoke the fun, colorful vibe we’re going for, they don’t require any cleanup, and there are a million places to find them on etsy! Guests can hold them up, wave them, spin them and bring them home for a fun carnival-like souvenir. I found these adorable handmade pinwheels below by etsy shop owner petitsmetier.

What do you think?