Reasons to Opt for a Restaurant Wedding

Posted by csancho on Aug 08, 2012

Picking a venue is usually the first step for a couple looking to piece together their big day. The venue will dictate the color palette, the style, and the details of the wedding – so where should you start? I suggest restaurants. They beat out ballrooms and state parks any day, and here’s why:

No Juggling Vendors
Dealing with 100 different contacts and vendors in the weeks leading up to your wedding is enough to set anyone over the edge. When you choose a restaurant venue, however, you’re guaranteed that at least the food and venue will be on time. Restaurants often come with lists of vendors that they work with frequently, so you’re almost guaranteed to be working with someone familiar with the aesthetic and conditions of the venue.

Décor is Mostly Taken Care of
Lucky for you, restaurants come with décor. If you pick the right restaurant (find one that fits your style), you may not even need to add anything at all – except maybe the perfect cake topper. Most venues that are familiar with the wedding scene will often have selections of linens, simple centerpieces, and will know how to arrange seating for optimal aesthetic brilliance. Easy-peasy!

The Wait Staff is Easier to Come by
For weddings hosted in blank spaces (party halls, parks, beaches), many couples forget that someone really should be running around putting things together before you get there. Hiring wait staff (and coordinators and clean up crews) can get expensive, and that’s ANOTHER thing you have to add to your list of things to worry about on your wedding day. Forget that. Restaurant package deals usually come with trained and capable wait staff who are more than familiar with the flow of a wedding. Some venues even keep event planners on staff who can help you piece everything together for the big day.

Free Parking
It may sound silly, but this is something you should consider. If your ideal wedding venue is way out the way and your guests are going to have to hoof it from a dirt parking lot, it may be time to reconsider. Many non-restaurant venues (such as state parks) will actually charge for parking. The logistics of paying ahead of time can be frustrating, and you really don’t need the added stress. Restaurants are usually good about ample parking – check it out ahead of time!

Clean Up!
I have a friend who was in a wedding recently, and the bride confided this to her about post-wedding clean-up: “People who love me will stay and clean.”

Please don’t expect your guests to do this, especially if you’re taking off right after the reception. Restaurants will take care of the cleaning, and you don’t have to saddle grandma with a dustpan at 2am.