Real Shabby Chic, DIY Wedding: Jenn + Adam

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 27, 2010

Jenn + Adam

April 2010

West Hills, CA

From the Bride: “Adam and I were especially thrilled at how our wedding turned out. This was the biggest DIY project we have ever taken on, and almost surprised at how well it all came together. We spent months scouring thrift stores, flea markets and ebay for all of our decorations. I actually became a little obsessed with gathering all of these things and making terrarium centerpieces that our house was packed to the brim with trinkets and little plants, at one point I swear we could have opened up our own store. But, we made our budget work for us by cutting costs on the things that usually cost the most, for example having my dress made by a dressmaker instead of buying it from a store, having my sister try her hand at a wedding cake, and going to the local flower market and making all of the bouquets myself! We hired friends as photographers, singers and make up artists, we are so lucky to have such a talented group of friends and family. All in all we loved our wedding, it was small and intimate and yet so much fun!” -Jenn

Photography: Dacia Lamb Photography

Wedding Coordination:

Details: DIY