Real Rustic Oregon Wedding: Heather + Ananth

Posted by Jeffra on Sep 02, 2010

Heather + Ananth

August 2010

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Private Property in Sisters, OR

From the Photography: “Heather and Ananth WANTED to be photographed. Not because weddings and photographers go hand in hand, but because they knew that they wanted someone to perfectly capture their attitudes, goofiness, love and fun personalities… its as if they already knew how they wanted to be immortalized in the camera, how they wanted to be captured on film, so that years down the road, they could look back at the images and see THEMSELVES in them…We are so lucky to meet people like Heather and Ananth and to witness sincere emotion and important milestones such as this day was.” –Alice & Josh, Mosco Photo

Photography and Real Wedding Courtesy of: Mosco Photo

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