Real Iowa Farm Wedding: Annie + Jared

Posted by Jeffra on Aug 31, 2010

Annie + Jared

August 2010

Prairie, Iowa

From the Photographer: “Everything about this wedding was amazing, the location, the couple, the feel of the whole day… even the weather! This wedding was one of those weddings we have always wanted to shoot. We drove out past a ton of corn fields to this red, octagonal barn and I walked into the 2nd floor of this amazing, huge old barn where their friends and family were running around, helping to set up… it was the best thing I’ve ever seen. Everywhere you looked there were hand made decorations that Annie obviously put all of her heart into and you could tell were all about the two of them. Old sewing spindles, vintage books, flowers, hand sews pieces… it was beautiful.  She even made her own dress out of 3 vintage dresses!! Come on!!” –Heather,  Jagger Photography

From the Bride: “Iowa was our inspiration. Jared and I moved here from the coast, not knowing what to expect, and a little nervous about what we would find. But instead of being flat and dull, we found it to be so lovely, with rolling hills and a profusion of wildflowers and the most amazing old barns scattered everywhere. When we began to plan our wedding, we just let the theme emerge from this place we had fallen in love with. Then we just gathered or made things that seemed somehow to fit. The overall feel we wanted for our wedding was relaxed, cozy, colorful, and glowing with love.

Photography and Real Wedding Courtesy of: Jagger Photography

Thank you Jagger Photography for letting us feature another one of your amazing weddings!