Quitting and Cutting

Posted by bridalbuds on May 17, 2011

After about nine months of being incredibly unhappy with my day job, I put in my two weeks notice.

It will probably turn out to be the best and worst decision I make this year. I’m not completely unemployed though. I have started working as a tutor at the same tutoring center that Orchid Boy works at and I will have a fairly steady stream of writing assignments coming from the Raleigh Public Record and Long Beach Patch. I was recently sort-of promoted to covering the city government beat, so I’m guaranteed plenty of work.

Despite my employment if we thought we were broke before, we’re dead broke now. While there isn’t much left to sacrifice in our everyday lives, we’ve been going through the wedding budget like a scalpel happy surgeon. Even with our wedding there isn’t much left we can cut, but things are going.

We’ve canceled our second photographer and I canceled my manicure and pedicure. Though, once I put the word out to my friends that I was looking for volunteers to paint my nails, my wonderful friend, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, offered to treat me to some pampering. This is a very public thank you to her : )

I thought about returning the $80 shoes that I bought to just wear a pair that I already own, but I was talked into keeping them by my bridesmaids.

My plans to splurge on my bridesmaids have gone out the window, but I will continue with some low-cost ideas I’ve got floating around in my head. And unfortunately, our favor donation will have to be cut down as well.

We will no longer have North Carolina wine served as our signature drink and I wrote an awkward email to my cousin asking that the cake he’s making be his family’s wedding gift (Of course he said he wouldn’t have accepted my money, but I had to email anyway).

I’m OK with cutting back since none of these details really mattered to me. The only thing I wish I could still do is spoil my bridesmaids. They’ve been so, so wonderful and if I could, I would shower them with gifts. And while it’s not wedding related, the decrease in our funds also won’t allow me to spoil my new friece (Friend Niece. Daughter of one of your BFFs who isn’t your niece, but grows up calling you Aunt Whatever anyway), Alyssa Marie, who was born last month. YAY!!

With one of the biggest expenses of my life quickly heading toward me, it probably wasn’t a great idea to significantly cut my income, but from the moment that I gave notice, I’ve been so much happier. Orchid Boy has been endlessly supportive and reminds me that I made the right decision any time I have doubts. Like many moments in our marriage, things will be hard, but with enough support we’ll get through it.

Maybe that’s the best way to start a marriage. Things can only get better from here.