QuickTip: Wedding Website

Posted by mallen on Aug 19, 2011


I was reviewing the “save the date” postcard one of our clients sent our way.   The card was adorable with two simple messages:

  • save this date, we are getting married!
  • check out our website for fun up-to-date info

So I decided to go visit their website.  It was one of those free websites that are available through many wedding planning website.  And it took me three times to correctly type in the mile-long address.  Once I got there, the site was adorable – very classy and sophisticated design with plenty of well organized information.

And I wondered…:

  • How many people entered that long website address incorrect (like I did) more than once (like I did) and gave up trying (like I almost did)?

Here’s an easy solution: buy a domain.

Its rather simple to do.  Services like GoDaddy.com offer the option to buy an available domain for as little as one year and redirect that address to your current, free, website.  That way, you get the ease and benefit of a template (free!) wedding website as well as your own domain address that others will find simply (and remember easily.)

This way, you turn


into a simple

www.SheandHe.com (fill in your own names, your nicknames, or any other personally appropriate website name you can imagine!)

Wanna see it in action?

Go to www.MelissaKayAllen.com and it will re-reroute you to http://melissakayallen.wordpress.com/

The first option is much easier to remember, it looks nicer on printed materials (such as ‘save the date’ cards) and that redirect feature will allow you to enjoy the ease and benefits of free website or blog offerings.

“Happy planning!”