Proposal ideas

Posted by MeganH on Feb 10, 2009

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With our contest, Philly’s Best Engagement Story, coming to an end and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought we could help the guys out and offer a few proposal ideas! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Gather a bunch of your friends and family for a party. Have everyone in attendance put on a T-shirt bearing one of the letters in the phrase “Will You Marry Me?” When you walk in the room with your girlfriend, suggest a group picture and let the shirts speak for themselves!

2. If you have a friend who is a police officer, ask for his help in your plan.  As you and your girlfriend are driving, the officer will pull you over for an unknown offense, asking you both to step out of the vehicle.  The plan continues as the officer begins to arrest you after finding $1500 in unpaid tickets!  As he begins to cuff you, he asks you to get down on your knee and face your girlfriend…surprise!

3. Send her on a scavenger hunt of all the important places you two have shared around town. The last clue should lead to you on one knee!

4. Plan a vacation to someplace exotic, like Costa Rica, with the intention of simply taking a break from work and life, in general. Take her for a romantic walk on the beach at sunset, express your love and ask her to be your wife!

Good luck guys!