Proof CD or High Resolution DVD?

Posted by aruchaevsky on Jul 15, 2009

As couples shop for photographers for their wedding through the United States and abroad, they may encounter terminology which can vary from studio to studio regarding the images you receive after your wedding.

To help prevent some of the confusion I would like to simplify and explain the difference of a Proof CD or a High Resolution DVD.

Many studios will use a third party vendor to assist them with your proof passing. This will mean that your images will be posted on a web site for you to review. This is how you begin the design process for the images which will adorn your wedding album.

Many studios have moved away from third party vendors, because studios which offer this kind of proofing will usually take more shots of your guests in hopes that they will visit the proofing web site and order additional prints.

The philosophy of many studios such as ours has changed.

We understand that we live in a time where information is easily transferred between people and that many can print images on their own or may want to print images elsewhere at their leisure.

Most studios such as ours will focus on capturing the couple and their wedding day, not their guests. Your guests will still be captured throughout your wedding day and there is always better stuff to capture on the dance floor than table shots.

Now comes the proof passing. Your studio will usually give you a proof CD, which will contain all of the images in a low resolution or smaller file sizes.

This is done by studios to make the proof passing process easier for the couple. A smaller file will allow you to post your images to your favorite community website, e-mail them to friends and quickly review the hundreds of images your studio probably gave you.

These files are usually 5 plus MB and will be difficult to e-mail because of the large file size. In addition the proof CD will rarely allow you to print an image with good quality, larger than a 5×7 and they usually do not come with any kind of copyright release, allowing you to reproduce prints anywhere anytime.

A High Resolution DVD with copyright is what most couples want these days and you must be specific in what you get from your photographer.

Since the files are very large, they are put on a DVD which can hold more content than a CD and the images will high resolution, often accompanied by the studios copyright release, which you will need if you want to print images from the DVD at a later time.

I hope that sheds some light into an otherwise confusing process and if you have any related questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at