Preparing To Meet Your Florist

Posted by hchapple on Mar 21, 2012

The start of a new year brings a whole new batch of brides and grooms. Each couple will be starting the process of defining their overall look and feel for their big day. These couples will also be choosing their color palette. All of these decisions should be made before you meet with your florist, unless your florist was hired to help you with event design. Making these crucial decisions has  gotten significantly easier in the last year. The florist can’t expect and does not expect couples to know the names of flowers because that’s our job. But we can, at the very least, hope you will be able to give us a clue to the colors you are hoping for, and then we can take the lead and show you what options you have in those shades.

There are two sites right now that are making life a lot easier for brides and grooms and for us floral designers. I am obsessed with Design Seeds and Pinterest. Almost every bride is coming to me with a Pinterest board and I am hoping to get them to learn about Design Seeds as well. The above board was created by Design Seeds. On this site colors are paired with amazing coordinates and whole entire wedding color themes are being born. I can so easily look at this prettily bundled up packages of color and come to the rescue. The above color board would lead me to choose the below flowers.

It’s perfect right?

See how easy this is? What I also love about the boards are the unique accent colors that have been chosen. The accent tones though not always available in flowers can be picked up by using unique ribbon, linens, and or paper products. The possibilities are endless.

As far as Pinterest goes, each bride will have to request a log in from Pinterest. Once that has happened guests will be allowed to pull a little “Pin It” icon into their tool bar of their computer. Once the Pin It bar is in place brides can begin the process of easily pinning pictures of things they love. Brides now have an easy way to save the things that make their heart sing. Each guest can have as many boards or categories as they would like. For instance you can create a board that stores bouquet ideas, a board to gather your favorite hair styles, a board for color, a board for jewelry, a board full of your favorite flowers. Here’s the link to one of my boards, this is a board of my favorite bridal bouquets. Brides now give me a link to their boards so I can see the overall feel and vibe of their wedding. See you on Design Seeds or on Pinterest.