Posted by bridalbuds on May 13, 2011

*I didn’t want to get sued for any kind of trademark infringement.

The one thing I wasn’t expecting when I began wedding blogging was meeting all of the amazing fellow wedding bloggers throughout the country. The writing world is generally a dog-eat-dog kinda world so the fact that I have met such wonderful, helpful and inspiring women is beyond amazing.

One such woman is Jacin from Lovely Little Details. She’s kickass to say the least. Her wedding had a lot of the same inspiration as I had and confessed that I wished I could send her my venue photos and get her ideas for what I could do with it. Her response was, “Go for it!”

So I did.

I emailed her a picture of my reception venue and a LONG description of our theme, colors and feel of our wedding.

A few weeks ago, she sent me this image and I absolutely loved it:

I was also quite impressed with her Photoshop skills.

I was beyond thankful.


No matter how many times I’ve seen these tissue poms used, I never gave them much thought for my own wedding. I guess I’m just not creative enough to have the vision in my head like designers do. But, once I saw Jacin’s image, I had to make it work.

I found this tutorial on Intimate Weddings and cleaned out Hallmark’s supply of  blue and yellow tissue paper. Why did I go to Hallmark you ask? Because they had the most extensive selection of colored tissue paper. I went to Michael’s, Walmart and Party City and was SOL. The blue was too dark, the yellow was too bright, or the right color came in a multipack with colors I’d never use. The only place I didn’t check was Target (I was exhausted, hungry and had no desire to drive to the opposite end of the shopping center.).

But, the problem with Hallmark is that you get five sheets per package and you need eight sheets for each pom. So, you end up doing a lot of math to figure out how many packages you need.

Example: If I need 10 blue poms. That’s 80 sheets of tissue. 80 sheets divided by 5 sheets per package = 16 packages of blue tissue just to make 10 poms. At $1.29 a package you’re looking at $20.64. That’s still cheaper than what I’ve found on Etsy, but it can end up getting a little pricey.

Anyway, after cleaning out Hallmark’s supply of these particular colors, a friend of mine suggested making one before I head to other Hallmarks and clean out their supply and thereby spending more money. Good call, Rachel.

And I did just that.

Whaddya think?